This Presentation is general in nature covering an introduction to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2. As we move through this process there will be updates to the PowerPoint presentation and new recordings from the subsequent webinars.

Please watch this page to receive updates to the questions raised during these webinars

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Click here to view the recording for 22 November : STP2 Webinar - 2021-11-22.mp4

Click here to view the recording for 2 December : STP2 Webinar - 2021-12-02.mp4

Tax File Number Declarations

What is changing with the Tax File Number Declaration?

The key changes are:

  • For STP 2 “Payment Basis” has been renamed “Employment Basis”
  • There are additional Employment Basis options to select including : Voluntary Agreement, Death Beneficiary and Non-Employee
  • Pension / Annuity Payee however, is no longer an option so this has been set to inactive

A confirmation message will populate where a change made on the Declarations tab requires an update to the Tax tab

You will still need to set the record to Ready to Send for it to be included in the STP submission file

Income Statement

Will we still be able to produce Income Statements?

Income Statements are available to your employees via their MyGov account.

The Print PAYG Summaries process still exists in Synergetic however they are no longer an official document.

Income Streams

When the changeover happens, I assume all existing pay codes will be applied a default income stream code? Pay officers will then need to double check if they are correct or not?

Yes,  the upgrade will apply a default Income Stream of Salary and Wages.  Where you have another Income Stream, this will need to be checked manually.

Upgrade Process

When can we book to update to v70, and will this be done via Synergetic Support?

Once Synergetic STP2 has been approved by the ATO we will announce which build of v70 is involved along with the process for booking in your upgrade

Will information on upgrading be sent to us via mail or will we have to go somewhere to get access to this information.

The information on when, where and how to book upgrades will be released soon.

How long does the Update process take?

The STP 2 v.70 upgrade will be around 3 hours.

As long as the client is running SQL 2016 or above no pre prep is required. 
Standard practice is to do the test server at least a couple of weeks prior to production.

We have a 'test Synergetic database'.  When we upgrade to v70 does that test environment get upgraded too.

Usual practice is to create two tickets, one for test and one for production. Synergetic suggests schools upgrade their test database a couple of weeks prior production.

Always request your test instance is upgraded if you want them to remain in sync  

Will there be enough time for us all to plan before the cut over

The aim of the Webinars is to provide sufficient information so that you can plan your configurations

We will start the upgrade process as soon as we can after receiving ATO White List approval

We recommend that you book in for your upgrade as early as possible after you receive the notification

Is there anything we should be doing now to prepare for it?

Review the information from the ATO :

Engage with our STP2 webinar series, we are here to help :

Check you have SQL2016 (required for v70)

Watch for the announcement of which build of v70 and book in your upgrade as early as possible

In relation to your pay codes, consider :

  • Do any pay codes need to be set with a different income stream from Salaries & Wages
  • Which pay codes will need to a different reporting category

In relation to employees, review :

  • the termination reason recorded for any employee terminated in FY2022

Tax Scales

Can you do a comparison of the STP tax rates and the STP 2 tax rates to see if anything changed in the upgrade?

The Lookup table  luPayrollTaxationRate includes the old tax rates as well as the new tax rates, you will be able to use this as a guide when comparing pre and post upgrade tax rates.

You can also use the Highlight Pay Variations when running the payroll journal listing report to show where variations have occurred



Will Synergetic link the leave codes and pay codes so when a record of leave is entered, it goes thru to current or future pay runs?

Yes, the Leave functionality has not changed with STP 2 you are still able to link your leave pay codes to a leave code.

The additional step in STP 2 is when recording paid leave you will need to add a Paid Leave Type

If someone takes annual leave but I don't receive the leave form on time, can it be adjusted in the next pay?

Yes.  The actual pay and STP process has not substantially changed for STP 2, so these types of adjustments or fixes in next pay are still the same as per STP.

All of Catholic Education leave is managed in total with CEVN. If a new staff member comes in they may have a opening balance or if they leave and continue in Catholic Education the leave entitlement remains and stays with CEVN. How do we manage this in Synergetic. We currently do not manage leave in Synergetic at alll, it is all done in CEVN

If you are not maintaining leave entitlements in Synergetic your leave Pay Codes will not be linked to a leave code.

With STP 2 when a Paid Leave Pay Code is applied the user will be prompted to confirm the Paid Leave Type (see the list below). If a Default Paid Leave Type has been set in the Pay Code the user has the option to change this record when applying the Pay Code to a current pay

Is Personal leave taken recorded in dollars or hours/days or both

Leave taken is usually recorded in a current pay with a Rate and Units 

SQL 2016

Is it possible to check within Synergetic if we have SQL 2016 as a minimum? or is this something our IT people will know about. 
In the "About" I can see we are currently on v69, that we use SQLA but not what year it is. Thank you?

This is something your Sys Admin will be able to answer for you.

Salary Sacrifice

Please provide some more details on reporting the salary sacrifice (other than super) under STP 2

Salary Sacrifice is either Salary Sacrifice - Super or Salary Sacrifice - Other.  There is a Reporting Category for each.

The Upgrade will update the Reporting Category from Individual - Gross using the Pay Code Type to determine whether the new Reporting Category should be Salary Sacrifice - Super or Salary Sacrifice - Other.


STP Process

Is there any difference to what we do in terms of STP transmission after we upgrade?

STP 2 does not change the Finalise Payroll or Process STP

SYNWeb / Staff Kiosk

Is Staff Kiosk on Synweb being updated to allow staff to provide Payroll team with updated information?

An update to Staff Kiosk is not part of the STP 2 update project

Consulting Services for STP 2

Once we have updated to STP 2 and before we process the payment can someone in Synergetic come and check our data. We did this for STP1 and we are more than happy to do this again.  We know there are some costs involved.
Someone who can validate our data before we process the first pay with STP2.

Professional Services Finance Specialist Consultants will be available to assist schools with the transition to STP 2.

Please log a Consulting Services ticket and one of our team will be in touch. This will be a paid engagement.