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This KB article is a guide how to set up your environment to run the NZMOE_Audit3 report and troubleshooting tips if any errors occur


Before running the report the are some initial setups as outlined below that need to be completed.

  • Timetable Definition tab: Use this tab to define the periods in the day (click the link to see more information about setting up Timetable Definitions)


  • Timetable tab – Use this tab to maintain more than one timetable (commonly used when Junior School and Senior School run different timetables, click the link to see more information about setting up Timetables)


  • Year Levels tab – Used to define how students progress through year levels as well and links the year levels to a campus

           luYearLevel -

  • Timetable Group – If the school has more than one campus these need to be defined (these will be used later to define Timetable Groups)

            luCampus  -

  • Lookup Table Maintenance

           luForm – on the NZMOE_Audit3 report there are heading Class and Class Teacher, these refer to Forms, to set up Forms names and head of Form

It is best to then go through the following checklist to ensure all is set up correctly 

Timetable definition

    • If more than one timetable group exists, ensure TimetableGroup has the correct entry
    • Period start and end times defined
    • Attendance checkbox ticked for periods that have attendance marked
    • File Year, File Semester and File Type are correct

 Year Levels

    • Check that correct CampusCode is assigned to each year level

 Calendar Events

    • Check that school holidays, public holidays and other special events that disrupt the regular timetable are recorded
    • If different campuses have Calendar Events on different days ensure that the correct format is used to refer to each campus (more information found in Calendar Events link)

 Timetable Group

    • Ensure that each Campus has their own Timetable Group defined

Running the Report

Students > Crystal Reports Available > NZMOE_Audit3

Report Criteria

  1. Enter File Year, File Semester 
  2. Enter Date From and Date To (make sure that these dates are the same as the Semester Start and End Dates
  3. Set the cutoff entry date for students (students who started after this date will not be included in the report)
  4. Select Campus for which the report will be run for (leave blank if report to be run for all Campuses)
  5. Select Student Year Level In to run the report for a specific Year Level (leave blank if report to be run for all year levels)

NZMOE_Audit3 report should look like this when everything has been configured correctly


Below are some common issues and how to resolve them, 

1)      Class – go to Students > Current Student Maintenance > Schooling tab – check that student has been assigned to a form

2)      Class teacher – go to System > Lookup Table Maintenance > luForm – check that Forms have been assigned a teacher / staff member

3)      Dates are not appearing in the top row – make sure that date range set for report does not fall outside the date range of the semester / term being reported on

4)      Attendance data isn’t being populated – make sure that Calendar events have been set up correctly (if report populates attendance data for one Junior Campus and not Senior Campus this usually means that Calendar events have not been configured for that Campus)