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53 Issues


We are pleased to announce that Version 70.17 of the Synergetic suite of products is available now.

The major changes in this release contains:

  • Security improvements

In addition to these changes, this release contains compliance work, improvements and other bug fixes.

Please be aware that as of Synergetic Version 70.17 we have upgraded the underlying framework that Synergetic uses for its web products. Our web applications now use .NET Framework Version 4.8. Consequently any school that upgrades to Version 70.17 will be required to upgrade their server's .NET Framework version to 4.8.

Please refer to this document under the section Supported server operating systems to ascertain whether the target server supports .NET Framework 4.8.

To download the .NET 4.8 Framework, go to the Microsoft download site and select the option Download .NET Framework 4.8 runtime. Then execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

Compliance Work

Issue keySummaryProductModule/Program
DSY-22072Update refExternalSystemSchool with WA Dept of Ed School Code List (Nov 2021)Developer Portal, Student Import and Export of data
DSY-21987NZQA Standards Changes (Digital Practice) for 2022SynDB, SynMainStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-22553STP 2 - Add Legacy Tax Scale columns to Payroll Configuration Maintenance > Tax Rates tabSynMainPayroll -> STP
DSY-22734STP 2 - Surface ATO Error messages to ClientSynMainPayroll -> STP


Issue keySummaryProductModule/Program
DSY-22828Add active/inactive flag to GET Lookups endpoints to ensure that developers know which values are currentDeveloper Portal
DSY-22602GET Community (Current  Students Contacts Details)Developer Portal
DSY-22611GET Staff - all demographic and other data known about a staff member (STAFF PERSONAL)Developer Portal
DSY-22636POST Student Period Attendance (ATTENDANCE)Developer Portal
DSY-22709Return a list of all the Classes that a particular Student attendsDeveloper Portal
DSY-22707Return all the Students that attend a particular classDeveloper Portal
DSY-22725Add Class Unique Identifier to the TimeTable GETSynAPI
DSY-22055Change UpdateCommunity API endpoint to support storing of new IDAM GUID and Login values for an IDSynDB, SynWebService
DSY-22234Long time to open Payroll Employee Maintenance due HR discrep querySynDB
DSY-21005New audit table GeneralLedgerBankTransactionsHistory SynMainGeneral Ledger -> Bank Reconciliation
DSY-21968Adding Provider Check for VSN Service in Multiple Campus Setup  SynMainVSN
DSY-21261Update Synmobile Help URLSynMobile
DSY-21260Update Synmobile to support Android 9+SynMobile
DSY-20999Provide additional checks to only allow authorised SQL proceduresSynWeb
DSY-21563Upgrade DevExpress for SynWebSynWeb
DSY-22520Add extra checks, validations and auto-correcting when closing creditor posting
Creditors -> Creditor Invoice Entry

Bugs Resolved

Issue keySummaryProductModule/Program
DSY-22577Kiosk: Reception role shows error message for optional check out reasonAttendance Kiosk
DSY-22599Bad bank reconciliation entry generated when modifying a creditor invoice and assigning to a bank GL codeDeveloper PortalCreditors -> Creditor Invoice Entry
DSY-22291Error when reconciling bank accountDeveloper PortalGeneral Ledger -> Bank Reconciliation
DSY-22597Validation error in the NZQA Entries and Results exportDeveloper PortalIntegration with NZQA (subscription)
DSY-22027Configuration Maintenance is not forcing Bit values to be read only in a multitenant environment when the key is Centrally ManagedDeveloper PortalSystem -> Configuration File Maintenance
DSY-22554Fix SynWeb Excursion Maintenance - Group Tab -> Sub-group drop-down not working in Chrome.Developer Portal
DSY-22822POST StudentContact api returns errorDeveloper Portal
DSY-22891POST and PUT  will always fail error check for end point "apiportal/v1/community/{communityid}/Relationship"Developer Portal
DSY-22583Recent DML caused the SchoolInfo object to populate with bad dataDeveloper Portal
DSY-22594SchoolInfo initialisation event can not clear the dataDeveloper Portal
DSY-22760Adjustments to core api logSynAPI
DSY-6194Credit Card Action Messages for Inactive DebtorsSynComPort, SynDBSystem
DSY-22618Online receipts processed for a difference finance schema via Callback are created in default finance schema incorrectly SynDBNAB Transact -> Debtor Automatic Payments
DSY-22626STP 2 - Salary sacrifice Superannuation should migrate with reporting category "Salary Sacrifice - Super and RESC"SynDBPayroll
DSY-22694STP (version 1) allowance validation error blocks subsequent submissionsSynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22591STP 2 - Validation rule may produce a "subquery returned more than one value" errorSynDB, SynMainPayroll -> STP
DSY-22066SCSA Student Registration file (SRGDG) - Parent Highest Year Level may show as 1 or 0 when actual values are storedSynDBStudent Maint -> Import/Export Student Data
DSY-21821Code refactor to prevent multi-tenant code from running in a single-tenant environment, causing daily maintenant to failSynDB
DSY-22124Edval Timetable Import - Multiple TimetablesSynDB
DSY-22807Auth field not disabling for appropriate payment types SynMainDebtors -> Cash Receipts Entry
DSY-21829Vaccine brand field empty in the immunisation tab of medical maintenanceSynMainStudent Maint -> Student Medical Details Maint
DSY-21568Centralised Groups affecting User Creation in Group User securitySynMainSystem -> Group Security Maint
DSY-21140Centrally Managed Lookup values cannot be marked inactiveSynMain
DSY-20296Email addresses not being deleted from email listSynMain
DSY-21823When closing a posting, if a database error occurs after close off and during the print generation step this is not surfaced to the userSynMain
DSY-11261SynMobile for Android - Google Keyboard not supportedSynMobile
DSY-22867SynWeb - Excursions - Index out of bounds when user clicks on new approval processSynWebExcursion Management -> Excursion Maintenance
DSY-22450Notification rules clearing fields - unable to select SMS ProviderSynWeb
DSY-21073ePortal in ICON - Incorrect retention of information in multi-tenant environmentSynWeb
DSY-22395Online Application forms blank due to capturing incorrect date format
Future/Enquiry XML Import and Approval
DSY-22527Student data export SACE error when too many academic semesters
Student Import and Export of data
DSY-22873Online Builder log in issue

DSY-22649Upgrade UserSimpleForm

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