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This Knowledge Base Article explains How to troubleshoot the Middleware error message when entering an address with  QAS.


When the below Middleware error message when entering address is displayed follow the steps below:

 1. Check if QAS is installed and enabled on clients Server.

Go to Systems → Configuration File Maintenance → AddressValidation. Make sure Values are set to True.

 2. Make sure that Default|CountryCode from Configuration Maintenance is populated with the right Code from luCountry

 3. Check if Middleware exist in Configuration File Maintenance.

If the Middleware is not populated, add the CoreAPI URL, this can be found from the IIS CoreAPI link on the web server. If it exists, copy and paste the link to the Middleware value in Configuration File Maintenance.

4. If after applying this change and entering an address still throws an error message, then try the following:

  • Copy and paste the CoreAPI URL in the local machine's browser and launch

  • If getting an error such as a Http 404 server error, or “Response.Redirect cannot be called in a Page callback” when launching the URL as per screenshot below, then this suggest that there is a Firewall issue from the local computer.

5. To resolve the following IP addresses of the QAS Servers should be whitelisted. Please see below:

Ports 8080, 80, 443

6. Check if the CoreAPI is working correctly

  • Copy and paste CoreAPI URL in browser and is should display  as below:

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