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This page has been set up to list more commonly asked questions and issues during this period so that we can capture and provide proactive responses to our valued Users.

Table of Contents

  • How can I record details of vaccinations for Staff?

The Medical Details Maintenance program can be accessed via Staff Maintenance - Medical tab. 


  • How can I record details of vaccinations for Students?

The Medical Details Maintenance program can be accessed via the Student Maintenance - Medical tab (for all of Future, Current and Past Students). 


Parents can review and submit their own updates to a Student’s immunisation details via Community Portal – MyDetails.

  • How can I record evidence of sighting someone's vaccination status?

The Checks tab in Community Maintenance could be used to record appropriate level of information relating to the sighting of a person's current vaccination status.  


  • Are there changes to the support operating hours and SLA’s?
    At Education Horizons Group (Synergetic, SEQTA, OMNILINK, SchoolPRO), we remain aware of the global situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and understand the concerns our customers may have around potential disruptions to our products, service and support.  As such, we wish to assure you that our team remains focused on delivering our usual standards of support to you and your school, and that contingencies are in place should the situation escalate.

  • I will be working from home for an extended duration. How do I contact support?

    You can contact Support via the usual channels, calling the Support Desk on 03 9803 8111 or logging a ticket via Service Desk

  • I have scheduled training in the upcoming weeks. Will this be impacted?  

    Synergetic can offer training remote/Zoom and therefore the training can go ahead as planned. 

  • How do I send bulk email/SMS from Synergetic? 

    Please see the following link for a short video on  Sending SMS to students in Synergetic client using grid SMS function

  • How do I email students and parents of a class in Synergetic?

    When emailing parents and students of a specific class, the easiest way would be to email from the grid in Student Maintenance by right clicking on the grid and selecting Email .

    Please see the following link for a short video on How teachers can send an email to their class in SynWeb

  • I want to upload a document to the Synergetic portal to share further information regarding COVID-19. How do I do that?
     Publishing documents on the Community portal can be done via the DocMan functionality and the access is controlled via the lookup table 'luDocumentClassification'. Further information can be found here: Publishing documents on the Community Portal

  • I want to access the Synergetic application from home. What do I need to do?

    Synergetic is typically installed 'on-premise' and only accessed internally on the school network. Please discuss with your school's IT team if it's possible to access from home.

  • We get a ‘Socket Error’ when bulk emailing. Is this application or mail server related, and what do we need to do to fix it?

    Email 'socket errors' are typically generated by email service providers. Further information can be found on the Synergetic User Hub here: Email Socket Errors

  • How do we mark attendance for online classes?

     Teacher marks the roll as usual.  A student considered to be present by the teacher ( student seen to login to the online session/leave a comment "present" on a discussion board etc) is marked as present. Student not responding is marked as absent. 
    Attendance Officer follows up absent students ,phone call/ sms to parent to find out absent reason and adjust accordingly 
    You may also wish to add a custom user flag to record that they are working remotely.  Information on setting up the user flag can be found here UserFlag configuration settings

    The following Discourse threads also contains additional information in regards to marking absences -