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How are SMS replies handled?

Wiki Markup
Note that with the standard setup, the parent will receive the message from a random pool of mobile numbers. It is important to reference your school name and sender. There is an option on the application form to use a *dedicated phone number* so that parents will always receive the messages from one number. 
An email will be sent back to the original sender and it will come from [\{RecipientMobile\}|].
Here is a sample response:- 
_-----Original Message-----_ 
_From: \[\]_ 
_Sent: Thursday, 23 September 2010 11:15 AM_ 
_To: Adam Adamski_ 
_Subject: SMS received from 0417 518 598_ 
_----Original Message----_ 
_To: "" <>_ 
_Date: Thu, 23 Sep 10 11:12:32_ 
_Student Absent from School Hi Adam, Your child Mary was absent from school today. Reply:- 1 - you knew about this 2 - you were unaware of the absence. Regards, Absences Officer National Grammar School._ 

If an SMS reply is received, will it be important for them to identify themselves in the response message?