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How to test

URL Results

Core API

In IIS in SynergeticCore, click on the browse url for Core API , go to Admin and check the connection – ensure ‘Connection Successful’

Config file

Copy the URL in the CoreAPI test and check it matches that in config.xml file – found in the following file path:  C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SynWeb\Builder\Site\Config


Configuration Maintenance|Middleware|CORE|URL

Application URL

Configuration Maintenance|OnlineApplicationsPortal

NOTE:  Application portal does not include the https

NOTE:  CORE API should match middleware and online url.

Actual Form

Ensure Correct Form is being investigated (sometimes schools will have 2 or 3)

In SynWeb>OnlineFormBuilder, go to the Form, Form Settings, Publish – and check that the Publish to URL matches the url of the Application Portal


Check the above matches what is set up in


Other Trouble shooting steps

Republish the form

To Re-publish the form,
Open FormBuilder via Synweb,
open the apropriate form,

1) click on 'Publish' in the top right hand corner

2) when prompted click on 'Publish' agin

3) when prompted click on 'Overwrite'

4) Click on 'View published form' if desired.

Re-publish the form.png

Remove events connected to submit buttons and re-add

Check all fields are working by filling in the form in preview mode (mapped correctly)

APIRoles: FRMBAS must be set

SearchingSearching on sequence numbers

--use this for searching on the 'OnlineimportApplicationsSeq in the Future ProcessOnlineApplication in Client
                CONVERT(XML, XMLSnapshot) , *
                ApplicationsSeq = 58 --=the 'OnlineimportApplicationsSeq in the Future ProcessOnlineApplication in Client
--use this to search on the Ref no which displays in the Application Portal
                CONVERT(XML, XMLSnapshot) , *
                OnlineImportSubmissionsSeq = 64 --= to the Ref no which displays in the Application Portal

--use this to find attachments linked to the ApplicationSeq (which is the OnlineimportApplicationsSeq in the Process OnlineApplication window
select  * from media.OnlineImportAttachments
where onlineimportapplicationsseq = 58
order by CreatedDate desc
--view document once it has been transferred to future student
select top 20 * from media.tdocuments
where ClassificationCode = 'OnlineApplic'
order by sourcedate desc

Attachments DocClassification – ensure Synergy meaning of ‘OnlineApplyAttach’

luActivity in this lookup will be an option ‘Show Form Editor

Address Validation AddValid|Module|Online – should default to country – was a bug in 68.16.  enable QAS – extra control for validation.

Further trouble shooting code

View file
nameOnlineformbuilder troubleshooting.sql

Trouble shooting payment issues related to OnlineFormBuilder. 

Use the queries opposite, numbered as follows:

1) find the details of the application by searching on surname - in this example the surname = 'Caurphy'.  On using the date variables 

Paste the dates around which the application occurred in the variables above.  Allow say 5 mins between the startdate and enddate time.  May have to alter this later if find after running query 3 that there were many attempts to pay with the nab reference number

Use the queries opposite, numbered as follows:

1) find the details of the application by searching on surname - in this example the surname = 'Caurphy'

2) this will redeem the nab reference number as the uniqueid.  Paste this into the nabreference variable above

3) If 'onlineprocesseddatetime field is populated, this indicates a successful connection to NAB and callback.   If this is Null, check the message and exception logs to see what may have caused the issue - queries 4 and 5.  This is looking at the history table and will show if there have been numerous attempts to pay.    

4) Best to check the messages by dates in the first place.   If there is no NABCall in program code pass to a developer. If there are numerous attempts to pay the same reference number, could indicate browser issues or the autofill issue - DSY-20767

5.  'Selected card not found' could also be DSY-20767

DECLARE @nabreference AS VARCHAR (150)

SET @StartDate = '2021-03-25 12:04:34.243'
SET @EndDate = '2021-03-25 12:10:34.243'
SET @nabreference = '0-0165067474-0000234'

--1. form successfully submitted search by name
SELECT applicationsseq, insertdatetime, CONVERT(XML, XMLSnapshot), * from OnlineIMportsubmissions
where convert(nvarchar(max), xmlsnapshot) like '%Caurphy%'
--app seq = 157

--2. use the app seq here
select UniqueId,* from OnlineImportApplications
where onlineimportapplicationsseq in ( 157)
--get uniqueid (Nab reference) = '0-0165067474-0000234'

--3. paste uniqueid into @nabreference variable and check Onlineprocesseddate searching by date
select * from ReceiptsOnlineHistory r
where Reference = @nabreference
--and OnlineProcessedDateTime is null
and createddate BETWEEN @StartDate AND @EndDate
order by r.CreatedDate desc

--4. Also check message logs and exception logs around the same time, also can search on nabreference in message
SELECT messagedate, appname, * FROM messagelog ml
WHERE ml.messagedate BETWEEN @StartDate AND @EndDate
and appname = 'SynCoreAPI'
--and message like '%0-0164977486-0000230%'
--and programcode like '%NABCall%
order by ml.messagedate desc

--5. check for selected card not found error - indicates dsy-20767 note also possible to search on nabreference in the url
select datetime, * from ExceptionLog e
where e.datetime BETWEEN @StartDate AND @EndDate
--and message = 'Selected credit card not found'
--and url like '%0-0164808554-0006918%'
order by e.datetime desc

--indicative of the min journal entry and min cash receipts not set high enough in financeconfig
select r.createddate, onlineprocesseddatetime,  onlineprocessedbankstatus, * 
from ReceiptsOnline r
where convert(nvarchar(max), synergeticimportxml) like '%specify an ID for the receipt%'
order by r. createddate desc

--could be indicative of autofill issue DSY-21012
select * from  ExceptionLog
where message like  '%Sequence contains no elements%'
and SynergeticApplication = 'WebAPI'
order by datetime desc

--could be indicative of autofill issue but need to investigate further, sometimes parents don't enter card details correctly
select * from  MessageLog
where message like '%CardNum:has only 4 digits%'
order by messagedate desc

--find payments which have not generated a postingnumber correctly 

select reference, * from ReceiptsOnline ro
where reference like  '0-0%'
and PostingNumber = 0
order by ro.Reference desc

--paste the resulting references into this query - client can click on the snapshot to see who created the application

SELECT insertdatetime, CONVERT(XML, XMLSnapshot), *
from OnlineImportSubmissions ois
left join  OnlineImportApplications oia
on ois.ApplicationsSeq = oia.OnlineImportApplicationsSeq
 where oia.UniqueId In