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The following web service settings are added to the Synergetic.xml file. To modify these settings in Synergetic.xml file please go to SynWeb installation directory -> bin folder -> Run Synergetic.Application.SynWebCreateConfig.exe. Please note if you change settings other than those listed this may result into SynWeb errors.

Setting Name


Default Value


User account used by web services



Password for web service user account. Encrypted by SynWebCreateConfig.exe



XML Dataset top level node name. Can have multiple Data table xml results



XML Datatable top level node name. Data tables appear under dataset XML nodes.



Ignore XML schema information from returned output



Synergetic authorisation web service URL. Provided by Synergetic



Vendor token issued by Synergetic to connect to Synergetic authorisation web service



Vendor password issued by Synergetic to connect to Synergetic authorisation web service


Web Service Method Planning


  1. Inputs - what input parameters will be passed when calling?
    1. E.g. ID, Surname, Given1
  2. Outputs - what outputs are required?
    1. E.g. ID, Title, Surname, Given1, Preferred, Email Address, Mobile Phone number and Address
  3. Stored Procedure – can I use existing Synergetic stored procedure or do I need to create my own stored procedure based on custom / existing tables?
    1. E.g. For above scenario I can use existing stored procedure 'spsCommunitySimple' which accept @CommunityName parameter and I can pass id, surname, given1 or barcode value to search for matching community records.
  4. Permissions – Finally you will need to grant EXECUTE permission on selected stored procedure SQL Server Application Role 'SynWebServiceSynergetic_SynAPI_dbo_ReservedDBRole'
    1. E.g. GRANT EXEC ON spsCommunitySimple TO SynWebServiceGRANT EXECUTE ON uspuStaffAddressiChrisHome to Synergetic_SynAPI_dbo_ReservedDBRole

How to create new Web Service Method?


WebServiceInputParameter - Complex type, below values are required

Parameter Name

Data Type


VendorTokenGuidStringVendor Token to connect to Synergetic web service
Vendor PasswordStringVendor Password to connect to Synergetic Web Service
WebServiceMethodNameStringWeb Service Method you are calling. E.g. UGetCommunityDetails
WebServiceMethodVersionNoIntegerWeb Service Method Version you are calling, default value 1 if not provided
ParameterListDictionary<String, Object>Web Service Method parameters Dictionary



Parameter Name

Data Type


ErrorMessageStringError details if web service call isn't successful
XMLOutputStringOutput in XML string format.
XML format will contain schema information if 'WebServiceIgnoreXMLSchemaFlag' is set to 0 in Synergetic.xml file.
Result top level dataset node and child data table node can be renamed using below settings in Synergetic.xml file
'WebServiceDataSetName' and

Available Web Service Methods

Synergetic generate XML level documentation for all custom Web Service Methods created by school. You can use third party custom tools to generate help document in .html or .chm format from xml file. 

  1. Go to SynWeb -> System ->Web Service Maintenance web page and click 'Download Help Document' button.

  2. Save SynAPIHelp.xml file.