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SQL Server

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SQL Server 2012


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SQL Server 2014

SQL Server 2016


Please note that SQL Server 2012 will cease mainstream support during 2017.

If migrating or creating new instances we recommend SQL Server 2016.

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As a key part of our Premium Client and Customer Experience strategy which is:  We value, build and nourish strong partnerships. We drive client and customer success through proactive and continuous engagement, ensuring we provide high quality client and customer service every day, we are pleased to announce that Synergetic ServiceDesk is now fully operational for supported users at all clients. We have been receiving great feedback from users regarding the functionality of Synergetic ServiceDesk and we like to thank all users for the great feedback and the support given during the transition period to the new ticketing system.

Some key points to be aware of:

  • Your username to ServiceDesk is your email address. Please use your email address when logging in or if you need to reset your password.
  • As part of the initial setup all open tickets, and closed tickets within the last 3 month period have been migrated to ServiceDesk from our legacy support system.
  • Creation of support issues via direct email to has now been fully deprecated. All support tickets needs to be raised via ServiceDesk at
  • A list of common Service Desk Q & A’s.
  • Our support desk phone number is unchanged:  +61 (3) 9803 8111 will continue operating per standard support hours and you may raise tickets via calling as previously; however with the additional information available online this may be faster and easier for you – especially to provide screen shots and other relevant information that helps us to understand and resolve your queries as efficiently as possible.

Synergetic User Hub

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new documentation space – The Synergetic User Hub.

Over the last few months, we have gathered feedback from various parties regarding the structure and content of our existing documentation. Based on the feedback provided, we made the decision to move our documentation to a new online wiki platform called Atlassian Confluence, which also complements our new ticketing system, ServiceDesk.

All relevant user documentation will be available through the Synergetic User Hub, including product documentation, Knowledge Base (KB) articles, troubleshooting articles, company information, list of known defects, road maps etc.

We will also be providing updates on future releases and functionality via public pages on the Synergetic User Hub, which will provide users greater access and transparency to information.

How does it work?

The Synergetic User Hub can be accessed via

The site contains product documentation, knowledge base (KB) articles, troubleshooting guides, company details and all other information that was previously available via our website

The ‘Search’ box on the home page will search across the entire user hub, whereas if you execute a search within the page of a certain product/module, it will only search within that specific area. For example if you search for ‘Email’ on the home page, it will look for all articles across the entire user hub containing the word ‘Email', whereas a search for ‘Email’ on the Payroll documentation space will only search within that space. 

If you need to find any information, we would like to encourage users to start off by searching within the User Hub. This will also be useful for support related enquiries where an existing KB or troubleshooting article might give you the relevant information required to solve an error or an issue.

The Synergetic User Hub is also linked to ServiceDesk and it will prompt you with related articles when you are creating a new ticket, as the answer you need may already be available.

There will be more articles and content available as we progress further with the implementation. Please let us know if there is any additional information and content you would like to see available through the Synergetic User Hub.

Weekly Bug List

With the release of the Synergetic User Hub, known defects are now published online.

There are different filter options available on the page which will allow you to do specific searches for items within products or modules, by Issue key (DSY-####), legacy enhancement reference, created date etc.

While historically a list of known defects was emailed to all System Administrators on the weekend (separate email each for Windows, SynWeb and Portal) this public page will now replace that communication and will provide a more dynamic set of information for your reference.

Synergetic Community (Discourse)

Synergetic are also excited to announce a new community engagement platform called Discourse.

While historically enhancement requests were logged in and reviewed on a periodic basis, the release of Discourse will allow users to raise enhancement requests for all Synergetic clients to review and comment on. This will assist us in prioritising enhancements in the future based on the general consensus and support they receive from the Synergetic community. 

We are putting the development roadmap in the hands of the community and will be responsive to what our clients are wanting developed or improved.

Users are able to vote to support ideas that other users have suggested.

  • The number of active votes increases as users gain reputation - at starting level users will have ability to issue 10 active votes.
  • If the topic is closed or archived, the registered votes are released to the users and can be applied to other topics (but the vote count on the topic remains).
  • If a topic is re-opened or unarchived, the votes are reclaimed and applied back to the users active vote count.
  • If a topic reclaims the votes of a user and they go over their limit, they simply need to wait until topics are closed or archived to allow them to vote again.

The more interaction users have within the Synergetic Community the more 'trust' they are given.

User trust levels are a way of granting experienced users more rights, so that they can help maintain and moderate the community they generously contribute so much of their time toward.


Please note that the previous Synergetic forums will be deprecated.