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Compliance Work

Issue keySummaryComponent/sProductModule/Program
DSY-22859Add new ATO Error to table: refPayrollSTPValidationRuleSynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22959STP 2 - Tax Offset Amount ValidationSynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-21944CESA Religion SurveySynDB, SynMainStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-21912LEVNT (LEA) - Census Report 2022SynDB, SynMainStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-21816WA Export File Fixes 2021 - ENVET and RSVETSynDBStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-23039Increase default value of log retention to 12 monthsSynDB
DSY-22874STP 2 - 'Payer Total PAYGW Amount' should include 'Payee Total ETP PAYGW Amount’SynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22798STP 2 - Able to circumvent Missing Paid Leave Type ValidationSynDB, SynMainPayroll -> STP
DSY-23009Issue in Student Demographic exportSynDBStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-21824WACE export fails when more than one Community Attribute recorded against studentsSynMainStudent Maint -> Import/Export Student Data


Issue keySummaryComponent/sProductModule/Program
DSY-21507Add extra data filtering options to CRDRECCHG reportCrystal
DSY-22635PUT Student Period Attendance (ATTENDANCE)Developer Portal
DSY-21896Add Preferred Name field to HROnboard integrationSynDB
DSY-21461Change Synweb online help links to use Confluence contentSynDB, SynWeb
DSY-21615SIF Performance ImprovementsSynDB
DSY-22826When exporting historical data for paid leave records use the default paid leave type if requiredSynMainPayroll -> STP
DSY-22463Email authentication logic to allow connection to mail server with TLS1.2
System -> System Email
DSY-22846Add a Synergetic version number to API endpoints so users know what versions they are available in/from

DSY-22587Improve error handling and create action centre messages for failed inbound integration messages

DSY-22856Publish the 'FAQ' page on the Dev Portal

DSY-22857Publish the 'Use Cases' page on the Dev Portal

DSY-22898Speed improvement when generating an STP update

Bugs Resolved

Issue keySummaryComponent/sProductModule/Program
DSY-22942STP 2 - Submission Summary - Missing Allowance Amounts for STP 1Crystal, SynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22928Reportable Fringe Benefit (RFB) missing from the Payroll STP 2 Submission ReportCrystalPayroll -> Reports
DSY-22825Analytics api not working in CommportalSynComPort
DSY-22605Attendances screen may at times load very slowly or encounter a deadlock errorSynDB, SynMainAttendances -> Attendance Maintenance
DSY-21871Agent Commission Creditor Posting forces Tax Code '10' to be usedSynDBCourses -> Course Agent Maint
DSY-22759Importing Electronic Banking file with Synergetic XML file format can cause long completion timeSynDBDebtors
DSY-23013STP 2 - CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000292 - Incorrect validation for Death Benefit tax scaleSynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22001STATS Attendance - timetable structures with less than 120mins cause student absence to not calculate as whole day accuratelySynDBStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-22644Notifications for Attendance reminders not queuing/sent when a Class has a Description longer than 50 charactersSynMain, SynOnlineAttendances -> Absence Events Notification Rules Maintenance
DSY-22890An employee with RFB but no other reportable income is not being picked up in the 'Bulk Set Final Event Indicator' processSynMainPayroll
DSY-22931Issues generating STP1 update event for prior year when configured for STP2SynMainPayroll
DSY-22904Lump Sum Payment type A combined with Lump Sum Payment Type AR or AT causes validation errorSynMainPayroll
DSY-22930STP1 submissions not including paid leave or overtime when the reporting categories have been set to STP2 valuesSynMainPayroll
DSY-22820Creating a special pay without selecting any employees, every employee is being addedSynMainPayroll -> Process EFT Payments
DSY-22814Possible timeout error when generating an STP update eventSynMainPayroll -> STP
DSY-22296Can't Delete Students from External TestsSynWebAssessments and Reporting -> External Tests
DSY-22615Synweb Absence Events Notification email grid not finding valid email or sms records for parentsSynWebAttendances -> Absence Events Maintenance
DSY-22706Object  Maintenance Tasks are not appearing in SynwebSynWebObject & Property Maintenance 
DSY-21668EventsMaintenance Page Search Criteria not Loading ProperlySynWeb
DSY-22375Unable to select Web Electives from Drop down.SynWeb
DSY-22581Students without results not appearing in CEO reports contrary to CEO specifications
Compliance -> Reports
DSY-22819Payroll - Invalid Tax Scale error on staff with an invalid pay group
Payroll -> Errors
DSY-22896Lines in STUMEDICAL report
Student Maint
DSY-22812Absence Event Notification emails creating duplicate notifications to staff 
System -> Notifications Maintenance
DSY-22078Unable to clear the Action Centre even if the status is New 

DSY-22976VSN service is creating excessive exit transactions to VSR