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What is the process for STP2 compliance?To

be STP2 compliant Synergetic users need to have upgraded to v70.16 and followed the steps provided on STP 2 - How to Guide for schools transferring to STP 2 before their first STP submission for the 2023 Payroll Year.Please refer to our wiki page : STP 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way of bulk uploading FBT as we have over 100?


There is no bulk function for change the calculation mode, however, Calendar Month uses the threshold in Monthly Earning Required for Super under Payroll Configuration. For the 2023 Payroll year this threshold is to be set to 0 so both Calendar Month and Auto Current Pay will calculate superannuation from $1.

We are about to upgrade to STP2 after the last pay of this financial year. Do we have to do the payroll finalization process before STP2 upgrade?

No. You have until 14 July to complete the finalisation process.