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This Presentation is general in nature covering the standard steps schools will use in their Auto Tuition

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The following are questions and answers from the Webinars held on 27 October and 11 November 2021.

Click here to view the recording for 27 October : End of Year - Auto Tuition

Click here to view the recording for 11 November :  End of Year - Auto Tuition


Can the scholarships for


2023 be entered into the system while we are still in



The Concessions tab exists in Future Student Maintenance, Current Student Maintenance and Debtor Maintenance.

  • If the Concession is set up in the Future Student record when the student is rolled into current students that detail rolls with them into Current.

  • When the student is linked to a debtor the concession records shows under the debtor.

Concessions records can be set up at any time, they will only be applied during Auto Tuition

Are concessions cleared at EOY?

Where a concessions is set with "from" and "to" dates the concession will no longer calculate after the "to" date.

When setting up concessions it is important to think about when the auto tuition is going to be run. eg if the auto tuition is run in November and the concession has a "to" date of December the concession will calculate.


Our sibling discounts are calculated differently, if there are two students in the one family, then both students get a 20% discount on tuition.  How do I set this rule?

In this case you would use the “Number of Siblings” setting in the Auto Tuition tab and both siblings would receive the 20% discount


Are you able to have a $amount for sibling discount or is it best to have a %?

By setting up a discount as a % you allow Synergetic to calculate the amount automatically.

Applying discounts is best described in the wiki page :

At our school a remission/scholarship for a student includes the sibling discount, how can I best set this up to calculate correctly? Do I select No Sibling Discount in the Student Record ?

In the following example Kent is the second child of a two child family who receives a 50% scholarship and as a result does not receive the second child sibling discount.

Selecting No Sibling Discount in Student Maintenance will cause your WhatIf report to show the student as -1/-1 under Fam Pos/Sibling Count.

Alternatively use the rules under the concessions tab to do all the work.

In Finance Configuration > Debtors > Page 2 > Select Concession Overrides Auto Tuition Fee

In the Concessions tab add both the scholarship and the sibling discount fee codes.

Override the sibling discount fee code to an amount of 0

With these settings the WhatIf report shows the correct family position and sibling count, the scholarship calculates, and the sibling discount does not show because it has calculated at $0.

Tracking sibling discounts set up under the concession tab can be done using the DEBCONS report


At our school our students receiving concessions don't receive child discount. But we have found some students who are 2nd students without concessions but their other siblings are.

Can you suggest what settings we need to look at?

Check if “No Sibling Discount” has been selected on the Student Maintenance > Debtor tab


Automatic Tuition

Can we run the Debtor bulk addition prior to setting up



Yes, you can run the Debtor Bulk Addition program at any time. The program will create Debtor records for all Students who have a Debtor ID but no corresponding Debtor record. If students do not have a Debtor ID the program will create the Debtor based on the Primary Contact.

Do we have to roll to next financial year and how to do it?

Yes, you will need to run the Create Next Year General Ledger to be able to post into the new year.

Under General Ledger > Create Next Year General Ledger

Does anything specific need to be done before creating the new GL Year?

Before creating next year's general ledger, you should take care of the following maintenance tasks:

  • Mark all unwanted/unneeded G/L codes as Inactive

  • Ensure the previous year is completely closed off (for example, if you create next year, you can work in this year and next year but the prior year becomes closed off for editing)

If the GL is cleared when  you create


2023, what happens with accounts such as the suspense account that has a running balance carried forward?

  • Balances of G/L Codes marked as 'Balance Sheet' will be transferred 

  • The process will also clear the balances of any Profit and Loss G/L Codes for the next year, but will leave the balance of the current year intact. 

How can we apply scholarship after the sibling discount?

This is set in System > Lookup Table Maintenance – Finance > luDebtorAutoTuition

If I invoice a future student today, can I post into



Yes, the Date to Appear on Transactions is what your debtors will see on their statements. The Posting Date is when the transactions will affect your General Ledger

Make sure you have the security permission to enter future dated postings and the future GL Year exists you can invoice into that future year


How does this work if you are invoicing one term ahead?

Whether you are running Automatic Tuition for a term or a year in advance the process is the same as long as you have the security to process future dated postings you can use the different dates in the Automatic Tuition to run the program to meet your needs.

Our college charges fees annually and this year we are thinking of charging the

2022 fees

2023 fees in December before going on annual leave.  Is this possible?

Yes, if your students have been rolled into File Year


2023 Term 1 and next General Ledger Year has been run you can run automatic tuition for



Statement Run

We have a lot of parents that need a detailed statement. Is there a way to stop the statements from rolling the transactions to opening balance therefore giving a detailed statement?

When a transaction has been flagged as having appeared on a statement it will not appear on a subsequent statement. For those transactions to appear on subsequent statements you would need to have a customised statement created.

As an alternative you may like to consider the Crystal Report “DEBTRANS - Debtor Transactions” which can be run for any timeframe and will populate all debtor transactions whether they have appeared on a statement or not.

Can we not allow prompt payment discounts if a debtor has unpaid fees from previous terms

To do this we would suggest moving debtors with unpaid fees from the current year into a separate statement group and use the Include or Exclude radio button when the statements are generated.

Once you have sent a statement for a terms fees, and a parent subsequently makes part payment(s), can you run a new statement showing just the amounts outstanding please that includes the details from previous statements that have not yet been paid?

When a transaction has been flagged as having appeared on a statement it will not appear on a subsequent statement. For those transactions to appear on subsequent statements you would need to have a customised statement created.

As an alternative you may like to consider the Crystal Report “DEBTRANS - Debtor Transactions” which can be run for any timeframe and will populate all debtor transactions whether they have appeared on a statement or not.

If you email the statements - do you get a report of any statements that either did not have an email address or the address is incorrect

During the send process, when debtors without an email address are detected you will receive this confirmation message:

By selecting “Send with a status in message” you will receive an email with a list of the Debtors who were sent a statement and a record of the debtors who were skipped.

When I email bulk statements the system freezes and then only sends out half the statements, I then go in and set the range for those statements that were not emailed

Depending on your set up it may not be possible to send bulk emails. For those interested to set a range for these emails use Select Notification Range.

Select Filter, make your selection and OK then Set Range. Repeat these steps as required.

Can I select discount on tuition fees only and not full amount on the statement- we offer 5% advance discount on tuition fees only?

Yes, in System > Lookup Tables Maintenance – Finance > luDebtorFeeCategory select the category of fee to be included in the statement discount selection IncludeInStatementDiscountCalcFlag. Then add the category to the Fee Code in the General tab.

Last year we set up a lot of families to split the fees - will any concessions also be split across both parents.

Yes, where non Fee Category split payments are set up then all fees, discounts and concessions will split across the relevant debtors to the percentage or for the amount identified.

Where a Fee Category, split payments are set up only those categories of fees set to split will split.

In this example the split is on the fee category of Tuition. So, Mrs Alder receives 50% of the tuition fees and Mr Alder receives everything else including the Scholarship discount


Enrolment Deposit Repayments

Can you choose which GL amount to repay an enrolment deposit against on bulk repayment?

Yes, the repayment Fee Code will need to be linked to a General Ledger code

We don't repay the bond until last day of the student at school

To bulk set the repayment of an enrolment bond use the Selection Type : Family-based / no current or future students


Statement Generation

We send the statement every term. how does upfront fee discount will apply on statement?

If you offer an early payment discount each term you can use the discount calculation method as described. If you do not you can skip this step.

If the email address is wrong - we are not alerted to this fact

No, email bounce backs will be received by the sender email address used in the Email Statements process.

How to show payment options on the statement?

Payment options can be added to a statement however, this would be a customisation and that would be scoped and quoted for by our reports team.

Can we generate the statement separately for each parent on split payment?

Where a split payment is set up you may choose to add each partner as a copy statement recipient for the other party.

Synergetic will generate separate statements for each debtor and duplicate statements for the other party. Each statement is addressed to the person receiving the statement.

With Statement method, do we need to set to Statement & Invoice only

If you are planning to send invoices and statements to your debtors then Both Statement and Invoice but if you are only sending statements then Statement Only will fine.