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Release Status



47 Issues


We are pleased to announce that Version 70.20 of the Synergetic suite of products is available now.

The major changes in this release contains:

  • Communications centre
  • Bulk absence events superseding existing absence slips
  • Decoupling payments
  • Compliance 

In addition to these changes, this release contains improvements and other bug fixes.

Please be aware that as of Synergetic Version 70.18 and higher we have upgraded the underlying framework that Synergetic uses for its web products. Our web applications now use .NET Framework Version 4.8. Consequently any school that upgrades to Version 70.18 and higher will be required to upgrade their server's .NET Framework version to 4.8.

Please refer to this document under the section Supported server operating systems to ascertain whether the target server supports .NET Framework 4.8.

To download the .NET 4.8 Framework, go to the Microsoft download site and select the option Download .NET Framework 4.8 runtime. Then execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

Compliance Work

TypeIssue keySummaryProductModule/ProgramNotes
ImprovementDSY-23350STP 2 - Version 1.3 and 1.4 Validation Rule UpdatesSynDBPayroll -> STP

What's new to Payroll

ImprovementDSY-23392CECV - Changes for Notes and Codes 2023SynDBStudent Import and Export of data
ImprovementDSY-22909SA Gov - Persistent Non-Attendance ReportSynDB, SynMainStudent Import and Export of data

Import_Export Student Data - SA GOV tab

Using the Interface Settings window

ImprovementDSY-23365WA SCSA - RSLAS 2022 - Add Column Headers to OutputSynMainStudent Import and Export of data

Import_Export Student Data - WA SCSA tab

BugDSY-16047CEO Fees and Charges Export Ignores Student CampusSynMainStudent Import and Export of data
BugDSY-23391NZ Attendance Survey Data Export - the export file is not generated when the OK button is pressedSynMainStudent Import and Export of data
BugDSY-22175STUCENS3 report Visa handing excludes topmost Citizenship record when no Subclass record is linkedSynMainStudent Import and Export of data


TypeIssue keySummaryProductModule/ProgramNotes
ImprovementDSY-23463GENFRALL report -  Reduce field sizes to become more readableCrystalReports (Crystal/SSRS)
EpicDSY-22523Build Communications centre SynComPortCommunity portal -> Communications Centre

What's new to the Community Portal

Customising the Communications tab

ImprovementDSY-20030Community Portal - Finance - Implement a consistent ordering of debtor/ledger selection linksSynComPort

StoryDSY-22728Decouple payment plans and instalment chargesSynComPort, SynDB, SynMain

What's new to Online payments

Configuring payment plans

LinkInstalmentsAndPlansFlag configuration setting

ImprovementDSY-23334Add user forms support for Job PositionsSynDB

What's new to Human resources

Job Position Maintenance - User Forms tab

ImprovementDSY-9975Bulk Absence Events - Ability to automatically supersede existing absence slips SynMainAttendances -> Absentee Bulk Entry

What's new to Attendance and absence events

BulkEntry_AutoSupersede configuration setting

ImprovementDSY-23274Ed Val - Indicate that a class is cancelled on the Student and Staff timetablesSynMain

Current Student Maintenance - Timetable tab

Staff Maintenance - Timetable tab

ImprovementDSY-23417Add lookups to Future Student endpointsFuture Enquirers
Synergetic Developer Portal
StoryDSY-23159POST Future Student

Synergetic Developer Portal
StoryDSY-23160PUT Future Student

Synergetic Developer Portal

Bugs Resolved

TypeIssue keySummaryProductModule/ProgramNotes
BugDSY-20175STUCONTLCLASS displaying the duplicate debtorCrystalDebtors
BugDSY-14774Crystal Report error - STFMEDICALDETAILED Crystal

BugDSY-23373GET TimetableDefinition is throwing an error when overriding attendance minutes is enteredDeveloper Portal
Synergetic Developer Portal
BugDSY-23449SIF API endpoints not sending IDAM UPN when Parent is linked to IDAM at a later stage and not while creationSynAPISynAPI
BugDSY-23429Unable to make a credit card payment if the CVV starts with 0SynComPortDebtors
BugDSY-23363Attempting to Close a Creditor Invoice posting with same cheque number used in multiple invoices can generate SQL MERGE errorSynDB, SynMainCreditors -> Creditor Invoice Entry
BugDSY-23473Using the Auto Match option followed by additional manual matching, causes the same Match Reference number to be used for the manual matchSynDBGeneral Ledger -> Bank Reconciliation
BugDSY-23451Pastoral Care maintenance - Unable to send a Pastoral Care email to Student Contact with default email set to 'BothSynDB, SynWebStudent Pastoral Care -> Pastoral Care Maintenance
BugDSY-23404Timetable import creating classes even if there are no students taking itSynDBTimetabling
BugDSY-23023Merging Community records fails if "from" Community record has associated MyDetailsConfirmation recordsSynDB, SynMain

BugDSY-23082Probation-End-Reminder action messages being created with old dataSynDB

BugDSY-23243When Bank Reconciliation validation process finds a discrepancy, the detail of the error message is not surfacing to the user on screenSynDB

BugDSY-11403Picture clipped on Absence Events maintenanceSynMainAttendances
BugDSY-20582If staff has multiple Job Positions assigned, removing one of the Job Positions does not remove the staff from the Security Group.SynMainOther / Miscellaneous
BugDSY-22600Updating leave calculation balance date does not always stickSynMainPayroll
BugDSY-22076SynWeb - Community maintenance - Modify Occupation address in Synweb produces error messageSynWebCommunity
BugDSY-23249SynWeb Medical Maintenance - "Add more details" dropdown is still displayed when there are no drop down itemsSynWebMedical RecordsMedical details
BugDSY-23248SynWeb Medical Maintenance - User is able to sign out multiple timesSynWebMedical RecordsMedical details
BugDSY-23368Synweb - Medical Maintenance - "No incidents found" is misleading when the user searches for a studentSynWebMedical RecordsMedical details
BugDSY-23343Synweb - Medical Maintenance - Confusing message when user is about to sign in/out a student with multiple open incidentSynWebMedical RecordsMedical details
BugDSY-23347Synweb - Medical Maintenance - Time frame option "Now" is confusingSynWebMedical RecordsMedical details
BugDSY-22071SynWeb - Purchase order item description is not saved when item code is not selectedSynWebPurchase Orders
BugDSY-23126Notification Maintenance - SMS Provider issuesSynWebSystem -> Notification Maintenance
BugDSY-23194Opening Results Maint search screen can encounter delays due to on screen class list loading twiceSynWeb

BugDSY-23371SynWeb - WhereIs Student - Search does not work the second time and gives an errorSynWeb

BugDSY-23394Synweb - Events maintenance - School logo not getting displayed in Events portalCommunity

BugDSY-23103Core API POST / PUT Attendance end point - Attendance record changes are being wiped out in subsequent callsDeveloper Portal
Synergetic Developer Portal
BugDSY-23213Form builder - Activity comments greater than 8000 char is being truncatedFuture/Enquiry XML Import and Approval

BugDSY-23257spuStudentClasses clearing StartDate and StopDate if params not suppliedStudent Maint -> Student Maintenance

BugDSY-23216Show vDebtorTransactionAddress.DebtorTransactionFullDescription value where no student linked