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48 Issues


We are pleased to announce that Version 70.18 of the Synergetic suite of products is available now.

The major changes in this release contains:

  • Security improvements
  • Another increment of APIs
  • STP2 fixes between version 70.16 and now
  • Compliance report improvements

In addition to these changes, this release contains compliance work, improvements and other bug fixes.

Please be aware that as of Synergetic Version 70.18 we have upgraded the underlying framework that Synergetic uses for its web products. Our web applications now use .NET Framework Version 4.8. Consequently any school that upgrades to Version 70.18 will be required to upgrade their server's .NET Framework version to 4.8.

Please refer to this document under the section Supported server operating systems to ascertain whether the target server supports .NET Framework 4.8.

To download the .NET 4.8 Framework, go to the Microsoft download site and select the option Download .NET Framework 4.8 runtime. Then execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

Compliance Work

Issue keySummaryProductModule/Program
DSY-22859Add new ATO Error to table: refPayrollSTPValidationRuleSynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22959STP 2 - Tax Offset Amount ValidationSynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-21944CESA Religion SurveySynDB, SynMainStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-21912LEVNT (LEA) - Census Report 2022SynDB, SynMainStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-21816WA Export File Fixes 2021 - ENVET and RSVETSynDBStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-23039Increase default value of log retention to 12 monthsSynDB
DSY-22874STP 2 - 'Payer Total PAYGW Amount' should include 'Payee Total ETP PAYGW Amount’SynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22798STP 2 - Able to circumvent Missing Paid Leave Type ValidationSynDB, SynMainPayroll -> STP
DSY-23009Issue in Student Demographic exportSynDBStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-21824WACE export fails when more than one Community Attribute recorded against studentsSynMainStudent Maint -> Import/Export Student Data


Issue keySummaryProductModule/Program
DSY-21507Add extra data filtering options to CRDRECCHG reportCrystal
DSY-22635PUT Student Period Attendance (ATTENDANCE)Developer Portal
DSY-21896Add Preferred Name field to HROnboard integrationSynDB
DSY-21461Change Synweb online help links to use Confluence contentSynDB, SynWeb
DSY-21615SIF Performance ImprovementsSynDB
DSY-22826When exporting historical data for paid leave records use the default paid leave type if requiredSynMainPayroll -> STP
DSY-22463Email authentication logic to allow connection to mail server with TLS1.2
System -> System Email
DSY-22846Add a Synergetic version number to API endpoints so users know what versions they are available in/from

DSY-22587Improve error handling and create action centre messages for failed inbound integration messages

DSY-22856Publish the 'FAQ' page on the Dev Portal

DSY-22857Publish the 'Use Cases' page on the Dev Portal

DSY-22898Speed improvement when generating an STP update

Bugs Resolved

Issue keySummaryProductModule/Program
DSY-22942STP 2 - Submission Summary - Missing Allowance Amounts for STP 1Crystal, SynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22928Reportable Fringe Benefit (RFB) missing from the Payroll STP 2 Submission ReportCrystalPayroll -> Reports
DSY-22825Analytics api not working in CommportalSynComPort
DSY-22605Attendances screen may at times load very slowly or encounter a deadlock errorSynDB, SynMainAttendances -> Attendance Maintenance
DSY-21871Agent Commission Creditor Posting forces Tax Code '10' to be usedSynDBCourses -> Course Agent Maint
DSY-22759Importing Electronic Banking file with Synergetic XML file format can cause long completion timeSynDBDebtors
DSY-23013STP 2 - CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000292 - Incorrect validation for Death Benefit tax scaleSynDBPayroll -> STP
DSY-22001STATS Attendance - timetable structures with less than 120mins cause student absence to not calculate as whole day accuratelySynDBStudent Import and Export of data
DSY-22644Notifications for Attendance reminders not queuing/sent when a Class has a Description longer than 50 charactersSynMain, SynOnlineAttendances -> Absence Events Notification Rules Maintenance
DSY-22890An employee with RFB but no other reportable income is not being picked up in the 'Bulk Set Final Event Indicator' processSynMainPayroll
DSY-22931Issues generating STP1 update event for prior year when configured for STP2SynMainPayroll
DSY-22904Lump Sum Payment type A combined with Lump Sum Payment Type AR or AT causes validation errorSynMainPayroll
DSY-22930STP1 submissions not including paid leave or overtime when the reporting categories have been set to STP2 valuesSynMainPayroll
DSY-22820Creating a special pay without selecting any employees, every employee is being addedSynMainPayroll -> Process EFT Payments
DSY-22814Possible timeout error when generating an STP update eventSynMainPayroll -> STP
DSY-22296Can't Delete Students from External TestsSynWebAssessments and Reporting -> External Tests
DSY-22615Synweb Absence Events Notification email grid not finding valid email or sms records for parentsSynWebAttendances -> Absence Events Maintenance
DSY-22706Object  Maintenance Tasks are not appearing in SynwebSynWebObject & Property Maintenance 
DSY-21668EventsMaintenance Page Search Criteria not Loading ProperlySynWeb
DSY-22375Unable to select Web Electives from Drop down.SynWeb
DSY-22581Students without results not appearing in CEO reports contrary to CEO specifications
Compliance -> Reports
DSY-22819Payroll - Invalid Tax Scale error on staff with an invalid pay group
Payroll -> Errors
DSY-22896Lines in STUMEDICAL report
Student Maint
DSY-22812Absence Event Notification emails creating duplicate notifications to staff 
System -> Notifications Maintenance
DSY-22078Unable to clear the Action Centre even if the status is New 

DSY-22976VSN service is creating excessive exit transactions to VSR