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16 issues


Bug fixes and minor enhancements


DSY-21364Kiosk APIs 2021Epic15/03/21
DSY-21460STATS Collection (Attendance) - 2021 DESE changesImprovementModify v69 and V.70 STATS Export

(Students > Student Data Import/Export ... > STATS)

so that it is compliant with the DESE Schools Hub 2021 specification.
DSY-21523Create additional SQL table indexes for performanceImprovementCreate additional SQL table indexes for performance improvement based on assessment of large scale production Synergetic environments.27/04/21SynDBResolved
DSY-21570Edval/Timetabler Speed ImprovementsImprovementWhen loading Timetable data, Student classes is taking time to process13/05/21Data
DSY-21678Fix Unit TestsImprovement22/06/21SynDBResolved
DSY-21681Fix TrustedVendor dependency issueImprovement22/06/21SynDBResolved

Bugs Resolved

DSY-211902021 - WA State Census (Demo tab) - Extra Quotation Marks Breaking OutputCritical11/02/21SynDBStudent Import and Export of dataResolved
DSY-21390WA - SCSA - SRGDG file - Arrival Date is wrong formatHigh19/03/21SynDBStudent Import and Export of dataResolved
DSY-20951payments failing on Safari when portal embedded in iframe - malformed requestsHigh03/12/20SynOnlineResolved
DSY-20985Online form lookup tables to respect active flag and orderingHigh11/12/20SynOnlineResolved
DSY-21153Class Description length causes Daily Maintenance to failHigh05/02/21SynDB,SynmainResolved
DSY-21567PTI email confirming bookings not retaining formatHigh12/05/21SynComPortParent/Teacher Interviews,PTIResolved
DSY-21645Error message raised when a creditor invoice abandonment is attempted is incorrectMedium14/06/21SynmainCreditor Invoice Entry,CreditorsResolved
DSY-21496Year and Date formatting when emailingMedium15/04/21SynOnlineResolved
DSY-21510EnrolDate should not have the time portionMedium19/04/21SynOnlineResolved
DSY-21649Synergetic Standard File XML Import - NULL value is eliminated by AggregateLow15/06/21SynmainDebtors