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What is Synergetic ServiceDesk?

Synergetic ServiceDesk is our new ticketing system which will allow users to get live updates on tickets, have greater visibility to information and get access to online user manuals and documentation.

ServiceDesk is linked to our internal documentation space, which will provide you access to more information and thus giving you the opportunity to self-help for issues.

You can also receive notifications when a ticket has been updated and view status changes as a ticket transition from one status to another.

Synergetic ServiceDesk can be accessed from anywhere in the world, thus giving you peace of mind if you need to stay up to date regarding a critical ticket when going on leave.

Synergetic ServiceDesk URL -

Let's get started!

All supported users need to be registered in ServiceDesk before they can access the system.

User registrations are not available by public request, and are only available by Invites sent by Synergetic.

If you haven't received an invite yet for registration, please contact Synergetic Support on +61 (3) 9803 8111 and request for an invite. Note this system is only available for designated supported users at the school.

How do I login to ServiceDesk?

Once registered, you can login to ServiceDesk using the username and password entered during the registration process.

Username – The username will be the specified school-based user email address.

Personal (i.e. yahoo, Hotmail) or group ( email addresses will not be accepted for user registrations.

If you need to use a shared or group email address, please contact Support Manager at or +61 (3) 9803 8111 to discuss further.

Help! I can't log in.

If you have forgotten your password or you haven't received the invitation email, click on the 'Forgot your password?' option above.

Enter your username and click 'Email me'. An email will be sent to your registered address with details on how to log in and update your password.

What happens after I log in?

Once logged in, you will be directed to the main ServiceDesk portal page as per below.

The search box is linked to a central confluence space (internal wiki) where users can enter specific keywords regarding the enquiry, which will then prompt users with relevant KB articles, user documentation, troubleshooting guides etc.

If you can't find relevant articles, please click 'Synergetic ServiceDesk' to raise a ticket.

Depending on your enquiry, you can either select 'Support', 'Upgrades and Installations' or 'Custom Request' etc from the list of categories available. 

How do I create a NEW ticket?

Once you click on 'Synergetic ServiceDesk', the below page will appear, providing users the option to raise tickets based on specific request types and categories.


Based on the enquiry, simply click on either 1. Support, 2. Upgrades and Installs, 3. Custom Request, 4. Training Request OR 5. New Client Installations (ONLY TO BE USED BY PRE-LIVE CLIENTS) and then select relevant 'Request Type'.

Example 1
User X requires general assistance with the use of the software.
In this example, User X will need to click on 1. Support and then select request type of 'General Assistance'. This will then provide User X with a form to enter specific details regarding the enquiry and submit a ticket with Synergetic Support.

Example 2
User Y needs to book a version migration request.
In this example, user Y's enquiry is relating to a product upgrade and hence option 2. Upgrades and Installs> Upgrade Request need to be selected from the list of categories.

What details do I need to enter in the form?

The more information you provide us the better.

Please fill out as much details as possible in the form including relevant screen shots.

Depending on the request type, the fields in the form may vary.

Some of the important fields to be aware of are: (* indicates mandatory fields)

  • Summary * – Summary of the issue (i.e. Error with roll over process)
  • Components * – Synergetic product that the issue is being raised for (i.e. SMS Service, Synergetic Community Portal, Synergetic Database). Comes with pre populated values you can select.
  • Module/Program – Specific module and program related to the Synergetic product selected under 'Components' field. Comes with pre populated values you can select.
  • Priority – Priority of the issue. If 'Highest' or 'High' is selected, please provide additional information to inform us of the level of urgency.
  • Description * – Description of the issue.
  • Attachment – Attach any relevant screen shots or files to assist with the enquiry.
  • Environment – Specific environment the enquiry is related to. i.e Production(Live environment), Non-Production(Test, DR Environments)

How do I find a list of tickets logged?

When you log in to ServiceDesk, you will see a 'Requests' option at the top left corner of the window.

Click on this option to see a list of all open and closed tickets.

Using the filter options in the above screen, you can see requests logged by other users in your organisation as well as requests where a user is listed as a participant.

How do I share a ticket with another user to receive updates?

Once a ticket is created, you can click on the 'Share' option to add another user in your organisation to receive updates or make further comments regarding the ticket. 


How do I remove a user as a participant from a ticket?

To remove a user as a participant from a ticket, click the 'Remove' option listed underneath the username.

How can I restrict a ticket from being seen by other users?

By default, a ticket will be shared with other users in your organisation. But you have the option to mark a ticket as 'Private' which will restrict other users from getting access to that ticket.
To set a ticket as 'Private Request', select 'Private Request' option when creating a new ticket as per below screen shot. This option will be useful if you're trying to raise a sensitive issue regarding payroll, finance etc where you do not want other users to see or have access to information regarding the ticket.

To flag a ticket as private, please mark it as a 'Private Request' when creating the ticket as per below.

Tickets marked as 'Private' will only be shown to the reporter of the issue.

How do I know if there are any updates on my ticket?

You will get email notifications when a comment is entered on a ticket.

There will also be 'Status' updates on the ticket when an item has moved from one status to another.
This will provide greater visibility and live updates on tickets so that you can see how the item(s) is/are progressing.

How can I provide a response or additional information regarding a ticket?

You can provide additional information or comments by either,

  1. Entering comments against the ticket directly in the ServiceDesk portal, or
  2. Reply directly to status update emails you receive regarding a ticket(s)

What does the different status updates mean?

Based on our internal workflows, there are different status changes that you will be able to see on the ticket which will provide you an understanding of how the ticket is progressing in our queue.

  • NEW – Ticket is yet to be assessed by staff.
  • TRIAGED – The ticket has been triaged and provided a relevant service level for further action.
  • INVESTIGATING – The ticket is being investigated by a staff member.
  • WAITING ON CLIENT – Waiting to hear back from the user before further action can be taken.
  • INTERNAL CONSULTING – Ticket escalated further internally.
  • SOLUTION PROVIDED – A solution has been provided to the ticket. If a response is not received within 14 days once a solution has been provided, the ticket will be auto-closed.
  • CLOSED – The ticket has been closed.

Can I re-open a closed item?

Once a ticket has been closed, you will not be able to re-open it.
Please create a new ticket if further assistance is required regarding a closed ticket or contact support on +61 (3) 9803 8111 to discuss further.

Can non-supported users log tickets via ServiceDesk?

ServiceDesk access is explicitly for designated supported users.
Non-supported users will need to go via Supported users if a ticket needs to be raised as per our standard support model.

How can I provide feedback regarding a ticket?

Once a ticket is closed, you will receive an email providing an opportunity to rate our services and provide further feedback.

The feedback received will be monitored by Support Management and we encourage you to rate our services and provide feedback when possible.

We are always looking to improve our services and we encourage users to provide feedback at all given times.when possible.

Can I designate another user to access ServiceDesk if I'm away on leave?

Yes, it is possible to transfer supported user licenses from one user to another.

Please contact us via ServiceDesk or call us directly on 03 9803 8111 if you want to change or transfer supported user licenses.

Note: A request to change or update the supported user list needs to come from one of the existing supported users or the designated holder of the System Administrator license(s).

Can I see historical data after I move to ServiceDesk?

While some form of existing open tickets will be migrated once an account has been provisioned to ServiceDesk, we are exploring options at this stage to see if and when historical data can be migrated to ServiceDesk.

At this stage you may only be able to view tickets logged directly via ServiceDesk.

Can I still email support issues directly to

Direct email functionality to create support issues will be deprecated and will not be supported once you have been provisioned in ServiceDesk.

To raise new tickets, please go to
or call on +61 (3) 9803 8111 to speak to a Support Consultant.