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Table of Contents
Service Information
Provisioning New Users
Credit Limits
Dedicated Phone Number
Delivery Reports
Synergetic Sub Accounts
Synergetic Configuration
Configuring the SMS Gateway in Synergetic
Grant Permissions for Users to Send SMS
Send a test Message
Further Reading
Frequently Asked Questions

Service Information


Synergetic creates an SMS message for the selected users. Synergetic then uses the nominated mail server to generate an SMTP email message that is sent to an external email-to-SMS gateway, through your organisation's firewall. The email-to-SMS gateway sends an SMS text message to the mobile phones of the selected users.

This document is aimed at Synergetic System Administrators or Network Administrators with super user access to Synergetic. It provides information on setting up Synergetic and provisioning users in the SMS gateway.

Provisioning New Users

When purchasing use of the SMS gateway from Synergetic, you will need to nominate users who will be permitted to use the SMS service.
The nominated users do not need to hold a Synergetic supported user license and can be any one of your staff. The only requirement for a user is that they have access to Synergetic and an email account on your domain.
Initial setup includes 1 Administrator plus standard SMS users The Synergetic System Administrator will need to set up and test the SMS provisioning using this Administrator guide. Admins can then add additional or make adjustments to existing users.

Credit Limits

Each nominated user has a daily SMS credit limit which is the maximum number of allowed SMS credits per day. The default credit limit is 50 per day.
One credit = 1 SMS with 160 or less characters. If the SMS is longer, an extra credit is used for every additional 153 characters. Each extra message concatenation allows 160 chars but takes off 7 chars which are used to tell the mobile provider that it is part of a concatenated message.

Dedicated Phone Number

When sending an SMS through our gateway provider, the message will be sent from a random phone number out of a pool of numbers. Recipients will not know who the messages are from, unless you identify yourself as the sender in the SMS body.
We have an option for our clients to use a dedicated number which is leased from the gateway provider for an additional monthly cost. This will ensure that all messages come from the same mobile number. Parents can also add the dedicated number to their Mobile Phone Contacts

If a parent sends an SMS to the dedicated number then an assigned school staff member will receive the message as an email.

Alpha Tags


Alpha tags are a way for you to give your SMS messages a unique 'sender' name, which can include digits, text, and some special characters.
By assigning a unique alphanumeric sender ID, you add value to your messaging by letting the customer know who the SMS is from, what it's about, or any other information you'd like to convey within the space of 11 characters.
The ability to send from an SMS name instead of number isn't all that well known at this stage, which is one of the reasons email is thought to be more flexible as a marketing and communications tool. However, being able to specify a sender ID gives SMS the flexibility of email, but with all the immediacy of an instant message.
See FAQ section for more information.

Synergetic Sub Accounts

Each school or organization is set up in MessageMedia as its own Subaccount. The subaccount is usually in the format Synergetic-SubAccount-XXXYYY (where XXXYYY is the Synergetic School code)

Each school has their allocated MessageMedia SysAdmin who is allocated a messagemedia login with Admin rights for their school.

This Admin User has the ability to create and modify their own users and view usage reports. The Administrator can also create other Admin or general users for their school.

To access MessageMedia login to 

A login name is usually in the format SynergeticSu1234

This will take you to the MessageMedia Hub for your school

Your SubAccount name is displayed at the top of the UserHub


  • To provision Users Select the Account -> Users Submenu

The Users Sub Menu is to create new Users for your school to login to MessageMedia UserHub. The are only 2 main reasons to create a new user

  1. Create another Admin user to login and view reports and/or perform other SMS admin tasks
  2. Create a User for 2-way SMS . Currently 2-Way SMS is only used in Synergetic/SynWeb notification Maintenance

User Administration

How to Configure a User Access to Send SMS's from Synergetic

MessageMedia uses Email2SMS capability. SMS's are submitted from Synergetic in the format

Select Configuration → Email to SMS

In Allowed email addresses and domains enter each email address to be authorized to send SMS's. You can also enter a domain

SMS Daily Credit Limit

Select Account → Account Settings → Messaging to view and modify the daily credit limit. This limit may differ for other users within your SubAccount

  • Dedicated phone number – Refer the MessageMedia UserHub link for requesting and accessing dedicated numbers

  • Delivery reports

Select Account → Account Settings → Messaging to enable delivery Receipts. This is disabled by default as additional costs apply for each receipt.

Admin Reports

Users now have the option to run usage reports for all Sub Accounts linked to their school.

To Run Reports Select Reports → Details Reports
Enter Date Range, Accounts(or All), select Apply Filters to run the report. You can add/remove columns to see other fields

You can also schedule reports and email reports via the launch buttons

Synergetic Configuration

Configuring the SMS Gateway in Synergetic

To  configure the SMS gateway in Synergetic.

  1. Select System > Email/SMS/Fax Configuration Maintenance

  1. There are several configuration options under the SMS section:-
    • SMS Enabled – Set this to "True" to enable SMS from Synergetic.
    • SMS SMTP Server Name / Port – This is the email server and port that will relay SMS messages from Synergetic to the gateway.
    • TLS/SSL and Authentication – change settings to match your mail server receive connector.
    • SMS Gateway – Change this to for both Australian and New Zealand clients. Note : - Older gateways and are being phased out and wont work for newer Messagemedia users.
    • SMS Max. Char Count – Maximum number of characters that can be sent in a single SMS. The default is 160 as this is the length of a single SMS credit. Multiple credits will then be incurred.
    • Termination String – Use to avoid standard company email disclaimers from also being included in the SMS. If using our standard gateway, this should be set to "{end}".
    • Proxy Details – Allows login capability to your email server using a central account. This avoids staff members having to type their credentials each time they want to send an SMS. This account needs to have "Send As permissions" set up on your mail server.

Refer to help documentation under the Further Reading section of this document for the most current information on SMS features in Synergetic.

Grant Permissions for Users to Send SMS

Permissions need to be granted for users to be able to send SMS from a grid.
In Synergetic go to System > Group/User Security Maintenance.

The following permissions exist for SMS functionality under the SYS module:-

  • EmailSMSConfigMaint – give this to the system administrator or network tech so that the SMS and email gateway can be configured as per the school Exchange server settings
  • GridSMS – allows a user to send an individual or group SMS from any grid in Synergetic that contains people.

Send a test Message

Sending an SMS in Synergetic is a simple as right-clicking a person and selecting SMS > Selected Record.

  • Go to Community Maintenance or Staff Maintenance, find your own record.
  • Right click the name in the grid and select "SMS > Selected Record"

Type a Subject and message that will be sent in the test.

Press OK to continue…

Press OK to send the SMS

Note : the sender email address is what is authenticated in MessageMEdia → Emailto SMS settings

Check your sender email address then press OK to send the message. This account needs to have SMTP relay permissions on your exchange server which can either be via IP subnet anonymous relaying, login authentication or utilisation of a proxy account.
Once happy with the settings, press OK to continue sending an SMS.

Further Reading

See the online help file for more details.

Setting up the SMS Gateway

Setting up SMS (Short Message Service)

Sending SMS text message from Grid

Sending SMS from Communications Maintenance (Windows)

Maintaining email notification layouts

For more help topics, please visit the online help –

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the provisioning process take?

Upon receipt of the completed application form, we can have your site provisioned within 3 business days and can be done faster upon request.
We will set up the users you request and then there is some slight configuration in your database to get it working. A network tech may also be required in some cases if mail relaying is not current set up. If you can currently send emails via Synergetic to external addresses then this will not be an issue.

How often can the user 'max SMS setting' be changed and who can make the change?

The daily Credit Limit is controlled and can be changed by the MessageMedia Administrator of each school. Each school can have its own overall maximum daily limit and all Administrators must be set to this limit. Other users  can have their limit adjusted accordingly. If you would like to increase the overall Max limit then contact Synergetic support as this can only be done by the MessageMedia support team.

How are SMS replies handled?

Note that with the standard setup, the parent will receive the message from a random pool of mobile numbers. It is important to reference your school name and sender. There is an option on the application form to use a dedicated phone number so that parents will always receive the messages from one number.
An email will be sent back to the original sender and it will come from [\{RecipientMobile\} (].
Here is a sample response:-
----Original Message----
From: []
Sent: Thursday, 23 September 2010 11:15 AM
To: Adam Adamski
Subject: SMS received from 0417 518 598
---Original Message---
To: "" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 10 11:12:32
Student Absent from School Hi Adam, Your child Mary was absent from school today. Reply:- 1 - you knew about this 2 - you were unaware of the absence. Regards, Absences Officer National Grammar School.

If an SMS reply is received, will it be important for them to identify themselves in the response message?

The person is only identifiable by their mobile number unless they put their name in the message.
If a number needs to be quickly looked up then this can be done by either an MS Query, Crystal Report or custom search user form lookup. Our current recommendation would be to use a custom user-form lookup facility in Community or Student Maintenance that references the parent's mobile phone numbers.

What happens if the daily maximum message credits limit is exceeded?

If Daily Credit Limit is set to 50 then the first 50 messages will send and then the sender will receive an "out of credit" auto reply email. The credit limit is for the day and not a total and will reset each new day.
If this happens, it will be difficult to isolate the messages that have sent from the ones that didn't. Our recommendation is to use a higher initial credit limit to allow for sending to larger groups if required.
School Administrators can log into your message media account and view sent messages in the Admin Reports section

Why does a bulk SMS takes a long time to send and sometimes I get a timeout error message?

An SMS sent in Synergetic is done through the same method as an email. In ideal situations, emails will be queued at your mail server the sent through to our gateway provider. It is commonly able to handle 20 SMS/second.
If you experience speed issues with sending an SMS to a large group or even in some cases if it times out, please check your email server and antivirus settings.
There is a tester app on our website which will allow simulation of a bulk email. Please also test the performance of your current email server using an SMTP Email Tester (Example Resources to download) to identify if this is the cause of the slowdown.

Try running this and send an email from yourself to an outside address (eg. Gmail) with 100-200 copies, this will test the mail delivery speed and also identify any possible timeouts.
One client also reported this:-
The delays were caused by two 5 second Tarpit delays which are enabled by default for Anonymous Relays in Exchange 2010. These are primarily designed to slow down spammers.
The below links may be useful for other customers with the same issues.

Can we contact MessageMedia Support?

Contact Synergetic Support for any Synergetic related SMS queries.

Sub account users can contact MessageMedia support via the following link

Can we use our own SMS provider?

You can use any SMS provider which provides Email2SMS capability. The provider should also be based in the country of residence. ie some providers require the SMS to sent in international format ( eg. +61401001000 or +001161401001001) which means the mobile number would need to be stored in Synergetic in that format. There is no international code append capability in Synergetic

To configure Synergetic follow the same steps in this guide with the following exceptions.

The SMS provider may also have different dedicated number, Alpha Tag and Admin tool capabilities.

In System → SMS/Email Configuration

SMS GateWayProvider Gateway
Termination StringProvider Termination String

Clients who use the Notification Service can use any SMS provider however 2WaySMS can only be used with MessageMedia as the 2 Way SMS component of the notification service is programmed to interface with the MessageMedia API.

Are we billed additional costs for sending an international SMS?

Scenario 1 – A recipient mobile has an Australian number but is temporarily located overseas. Is there any additional cost to the sender to send a SMS to this mobile?
This does depend on the carrier. While most messages should go through, it depends a lot on the handset's location and the carrier in those countries. There could be an additional charge to receive the messages, however again this depends on the carrier.
Scenario 2 – A recipient mobile has a number in a different country and is permanently located there. Are SMS messages capable of being sent through the system and is there any additional cost to the sender?
As long as the number is entered in international format to our system, the message will be sent to the phone. There usually is not an extra charge to receive however, it will depend on the recipient's carrier as to whether they are charged.
Q&A for Alpha Tags

  • Is alpha tagging a static setting per sending user account or is it set per message? Per user account, you can remove and add in Manager but you would need to ensure the Alpha-tag is attached to at least one user for it to remain on your account.
  • How does the alpha tag get applied and is it set by account, can the school control which account(s) it's linked to? MessageMedia needs to set it on the account. The school can control which users it is attached to.
  • Can they have some accounts with alpha tags and others with dedicated numbers for example? Yes
  • What is the monthly cost for alpha tags? Setup : Please contact your Customer Success Manager for pricing details
  • Can clients use a combination of dedicated numbers and Alpha Tags? yes, this is a per user setting
  • Can clients switch over to using Alpha tags instead of dedicated numbers? yes, there is no cost for this, just a request to Message Media along with the required accounts