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Education Horizons continues to strongly support our Synergetic users during this busy period.

This page has been set up to provide useful information on more commonly asked questions related to peak period processing.


All staff marking attendances must have their preferences set to the current Year and Term (ie. 2023 Term 1)


A number of Compliance exports can be generated from Synergetic via the Students → Student Data Import/Export Tab

  • SES Student Residential Address Data Collection

Use the SES tab to export SES (socioeconomic status) data for Commonwealth of Australia funding assessments of non-government schools. For information about the export including reporting requirements, submission instructions, and related documents,

see Schools Hub - Address Collection.

The following user Hub provides instructions to configure Synergetic to run the SES export

Import_Export Student Data - SES tab


Use the NAPLAN tab to export all students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 for the NAPLAN testing.

The following user Hub provides instructions to configure Synergetic to run the NAPLAN export which is a different structure for each state of Australia

Import_Export Student Data - NAPLAN tab


    • For NSW Schools a patch is available to meet the 2022 template format. A communication has been sent regarding download instructions
    • Vic schools will need to manually adjust gender for X in the export file as required. A communication has been sent advising this. Refer KB article for instructions to modify the export file  2022 VCAA NAPLAN Data Rules

  • February Census
    Use the Demographic tab to export student census information for February

The following user Hub link provides instructions to configure Synergetic to extract demographic information Import_Export Student Data - Demographic tab

Select Export File = Demographic, your state will be selected by default

  • CEO Data Collections(Victorian Catholic schools only)

The below CEO Data Collections are due in February and highlighted are some general configuration settings that you should be aware of.

Refer the following UserHub link  Import_Export Student Data - CEO tab for these exports due in February

Select View configuration details against each export for additional configuration assistance

School and School Board Information

This must be the first file generated each year in February. School settings and LOTE information should be populated before the file can be exported.

      • School settings are listed under System  -->  School Settings Maint  -->  Page 1 & Page 2 tabs.
      • LOTE details are entered via System  -->  School Settings Maint  -->  LOTE Codes & LOTE by Year Level tabs.

Synergetic performs common validation errors which must be fixed mainly due to the relevant fields in these tabs not being populated. Please verify if the required fields have been filled.

School Fees and charges

The School fees and charges export contains school fees and charges and other fees including recurrent, capital, and other fees.

Review the following lookup table System > Lookup Tables Maintenance - Finance → luDebtorFeeCategory

In the SynergyMeaning column, ensure the meaning is set correctly for each applicable debtor fee code.  Codes in luDebtorFeeCategory must be set up with SynergyMeanings of;

      • School Fees Recurrent
      • School Fees Capital
      • Compulsory Tuition
      • Excursion Levies
      • Swimming Levy
      • Camp Levy
      • Sacremental Levy

February Census(CEO)

Student details for the February Census includes Indigenous status, FTE, Full Fee Paying Overseas status, Languages studied, Class groups, Boarders, Gender, Date of Birth, Country of birth, Religious Denominations, etc. Most validation errors relating to the February Census export will likely be due to missing information from these fields

Demographic details for students and parents can be entered through the Demographic tab in Current Student Maintenance.

Early Leaver Student

The early leaver student file export is based upon the leaving date of students who left the school in the previous year.

Common Errors/Warning:

      • Citizenship status and visa details (needs to be populated if not born in Australia)
      • Unable to determine street type, postcode, ..etc. This could be the student or the Parent/Contact address which needs to be fixed.
      • Initial Schooling Date ( if not born in Australia enter the first day of schooling in  Current student Maint >Entry → Initial Schooling Date field

General Ledger and Debtor Processing

The following links may be useful in performing common tasks at this time of the year for General Ledger and Debtor processing

Debtor Installment charges - Applying instalment charges

Debtor Split Billing - Debtor Split Billing

Debtor Bulk Additions - Adding debtors in bulk (Next Year Process)

General Ledger budget importing - Importing general ledger budgets

General Ledger Create Next Year - Create Next Year General Ledger

Autotuition Webinar - End of Year - Auto Tuition

Payroll STP phase 2

Refer the Synergetic discourse link for the current status of Payroll STP phase 2 project Single Touch Payroll phase 2 project overview

ATO Deferral approved for July 2022 - STP Phase 2 ATO deferred start date approved

ATO site - ATO - Expanding Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

STP Webinar - STP 2 Training Webinars - 2021/2022

Other Useful videos

How teachers can send an email to the parents of their class in SynWeb

How teachers can send an email to their class in SynWeb

Managing which student parent or relation will receive an email or sms when using the grid function in Synergetic

Sending email to Parents of selected students in Synergetic client using grid email function

Sending email to students in Synergetic client using grid email function

Sending sms to Parents of selected students in Synergetic client using grid sms function

Sending sms to students in Synergetic client using grid sms function

Using the Edit button to manage recipients of bulk emails using the grid function