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The STP Submission has been sent but a response has not been received. Below is the most common reason this will become stalled and the resolution. 


The most common cause for this to become stalled is that the Synergetic Services on the server have stopped running

On the SQL Server in Windows go to services

Locate the SynergeticServicSuite

Right click on the service and Restart the service

Monitor the STP submission - you should have a response from the ATO within the next 2 hours. 


This is not the only reason submissions become stuck. If you still do not receive a response from the ATO please log a ticket with our Service Desk.

To decrease the likelihood of the service stopping you can set the Synergetic Service (Suite) service to attempt to restart itself whenever it fails by right clicking on the service > Properties > Recovery tab > set all the 3 failure drop downs to Restart the Service.

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