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Refunding Enrolment Deposits / Bulk Set Repayment Method to
Debtor - EDPREPAY Crystal Report

Utilise the following crystal report to bulk update your enrolment deposits for debtor repayment:
Report: Enrolment Deposit Repayment Bulk Creation
Report Code: EDPREPAY
There are a few conditions which need to be met in order for this report to work correctly as follows:


  1. Deposit Code must be marked as 'Refundable'.
  2. Repayee #1 must be a current and valid debtor.
  3. Repayee #2 must be the spouse of Repayee #1 (dependent upon Repayee #1 having a spouse).
  4. Deposit must NOT be marked for donation otherwise it will be excluded.
    NOTE: Process only utilises the repayment method of 'Debtor'. 
  • In order to start using this process you will need to do the following:


5. Get permission to access the crystal report via SYSTEM  GROUP/USER SECURITY MAINTENANCE. The Resource drop down selection needs to be set to Reports CDA. Tick the select option against the highlighted report below.

  1. Make sure your repayees meet the above conditions.
  2. Run the report using the correct criteria (deposit code and deposit date).

Crystal report will display all of the relevant enrolment deposit records which meet the criteria and display the amount which has been allocated to the repayment selections.

  1. Now access DEBTORS  ENROLMENT DEPOSITS MAINTENANCE  Repayments tab and find that the relevant records have been selected for repayment using the repayment method of 'Debtor'.
  2. Finally access DEBTORS  ENROLMENT DEPOSIT REPAYMENTS and make the appropriate selections. At the very least, make sure that Process Debtor Repayments is ticked and enter the relevant Fee Code.


Common Issues

How to modify the Enrolment Deposit Code to be marked as a REFUNDABLE deposit.

  1. Access DEBTORS > ENROLMENT DEPOSITS MAINTENANCE >General tab and launch into ENROLMENT DEPOSIT DEFINITIONS MAINTENANCE by clicking on the ... button.
  2. Update the Enrolment Deposit Code to refundable by clicking on Refundable Deposit tick box. Close ENROLMENT DEPOSIT DEFINITIONS MAINTENANCE.
  3. ENROLMENT DEPOSITS MAINTENANCE should still be open whereby you should click on the General tab. You should find that your enrolment deposit records are now displaying as Refundable.
  4. Because the enrolment deposit code was not initially setup to be refundable, you will notice that the Amount Owed is still zero against each of the relevant records. To correct this, click the Adjust button, enter in the correct amount owed EG; $750.00, and then finally click the Update button to save the changes.
  5. Now access the Repayments tab > Repayment Selections... button and update the repayment amount to the amount you would like to pay back against the debtor's account.
  6. You will see the following message:

Warning: You have chosen a repayment amount that is higher than the debtor current balance. Are you sure you wish to do this?

  1. Click [Yes] on this message as all this is saying is that the debtor currently doesn't owe you anything hence would you like to put their account in CREDIT for the amount entered. When you charge the debtor for their child's school fees, they will be in credit for this amount hence will only have the difference remaining.

You should now see that there is a message stating that the 'Deposit has been selected for repayment of $750 (or whatever amount you keyed into the system).

  1. Access DEBTORS > ENROLMENT DEPOSIT REPAYMENTS and make the appropriate selections.


  • NOTE *** At times you might find that you need to save the changes you are making, exit the program and launch back in to see these changes take effect.