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Payroll End of Year Webinar Presentation - 2-6-2022

Payroll End of Year Webinar Presentation - 8-6-2022

Payroll End of Year Webinar Presentation - 15-6-2022

Payroll EOY Setting Final Event Indicator

Payroll EOY Create New Payroll Year

Payroll EOY Submitting an Amendment

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Fringe Benefits Tax Query by Payroll Year

2022 Payroll Webinar FAQs
Webinar Presented 2/6/2022

Can FBT values be uploaded into Synergetic or do they have to be manually per employee?

FBT Values need to be manually added

I have 2 Payroll summary by Date Range reports.  PAYPRL and PAYPRL2. Which is correct one to use?

The Payroll Summary by Date Range report that was demonstrated in the Webinar was PAYPRL. PAYPRL2 provides similar information but in a different layout. Either report can be used.

Are super salary sacrificed amounts automatically flagged as reportable?

The Pay Code Type - Salary Sacrifice to Super is linked to the following Reporting Categories which will be picked up in the STP submission:

  • Salary Sacrifice Super
  • Salary Sacrifice Super and RESC
  • Reportable Employer Super Contribution

If we have a "stopped" lines that actually start 1/7/2022 - will these come across? or only ones with an end date prior to 30/6/22

In Create Next Payroll Year, if you untick the “Transfer stopped pay lines” then any pay lines with a stop date in the current year will not be transferred. Pay lines that relate to the next year will be transferred.

Can we retrieve terminated employees not transferred to 2023, at a later date if they return to employment?

In the new payroll year, select create new payroll employee and use existing ID you will be prompted to “use this person” and their record will be added to your 2023 payroll.

Does Synergetic differentiate the super calculation for employees under the age of 18, who work less than 30 hours per calendar month?  Will this be a manual process to take their super out of the pay if they don't reach the thresholds?

The configuration for super calculation is based on a $ threshold not hours worked. Synergetic does not differentiate the super calculation for different groups of employees this will need to be managed manually.

If we have 2 companies, can I put the 10.5% in both companies’ data? In relation to the 2 companies last year, we manually added the 9.5% in one company.  Hence the question. That is what had been done the previous year.

The Pay Code for superannuation can be applied for employees in all finance schemas

How do we treat staff who have an ETP in addition to normal income? Is there a separate finalisation that needs to be completed? Is there a separate reconciliation?

The finalisation process can be completed for an individual or pay group or all staff, it depends on the practice at your school as to whether you want to lodge a final STP event for a staff member at the same time as making an ETP. The ATO requirement is that all employees are to have the Final Event Indicator by 14 July each year.

If my payroll ends on 1/7 but the money is paid on 28/6 does this payment fall within the 2022 year

Yes, we have received confirmation from the ATO the Pay/Update Date is the date on which a payment has been made by the entity. Because the payment (Pay/Update Date) was made on the 28/06/2022, even though the pay period ends 01/07/2022, the payment will be included in the 2022 financial year. If the payment (Pay/Update Date) was to occur on the 01/07/2022 for that same period, the payments will be included in the  2023 financial year.

Can we use the "Amend employee Super Tax Percent" tick box to change all Super codes to 10.5%?

The Amend Employee Super Tax Percent is not related to Superannuation Pay Codes and only applies to New Zealand. If you have multiple superannuation codes you can bring all superannuation codes to the Pay Code Maintenance Grid, update the Factor field and use Action > Bulk Set Active Field Value to update all the superannuation codes in one process.

What is the process for STP2 compliance?

Please refer to our wiki page : STP 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way of bulk uploading FBT as we have over 100?

We do not currently have an import function for Reportable Fringe Benefits, these values need to be entered manually against the relevant staff members.

Our synergetic system does not have a Payroll Masterfile listing report - is there a system setting to enable this or this only available to employees based on a security setting?

Access to any Crystal Report is set under Group/User Security. Please ask your SysAdmin to give you access to PAYMFL - Payroll Masterfile Listing.

STP2 is currently deducting ETP tax from PAYG instead of adding. I believe there is a patch to fix this. However, do we need to re-submit the STP files for the pay runs which were affected since STP2 upgrade?

Please submit a support ticket to our support team to provide you with a patch. Your next STP submission should address the tax situation.

We are about to upgrade to STP2 after the last pay of this financial year. Do we have to do the payroll finalization process before STP2 upgrade?

No, you have until 14 July to submit your Final Event.

If I don't have a TFN for an employee and currently it has 111 111 111, can STP finalisation still occur and the roll over to 2023 or do I have to wait until I have the TFN to do this?

You can run the Bulk Set Final Event Indicator process for all staff, but remove individual employees from the Final Event submission. Please check with the ATO for advice on how / when to report for the employee who has not provided a TFN.

Is there a way to set the super calculation mode in bulk? To change from Calendar month to auto current pay for all employees? 

There is no bulk function for change the calculation mode, however, Calendar Month uses the threshold in Monthly Earning Required for Super under Payroll Configuration. For the 2023 Payroll year this threshold is to be set to 0 so both Calendar Month and Auto Current Pay will calculate superannuation from $1.

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