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Webinar recording

Please view the recording of the recent webinar below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: In what version of Synergetic is Online Form available?

It is available in V68 and above, but we recommend you use the latest version in order to get the recent bug fixes.

Q2: Is a login access required to access Forms for Enquiry purposes?

You don’t need to create an account to provide access to Online Forms. You can publish any type of online forms (either enquiry or application) directly and grant access without login.  A login is only required if you use the Application Portal which enables users to pre-fill forms, save their incomplete forms and submit later, pay later, add new documentation to a form, or have a record of previous application. So you can publish an enquiry form directly to your website so that it doesn’t require a login, and only enforce a login to the Portal when parents are ready to submit an application form. 

Q3: Are there any new fields that have been made available to the Online Application in the last 12 months?

No new fields have been made available in the past 12 months.

Q4: What is the advantage of using the Application Portal vs Enquiry?

As per Q2, the Application Portal provides additional benefits. However, for ease of access most schools choose making Enquiry Form public.

Q5: Can we customise Online Forms to add marketing questions, class selection for ELC (days attending), etc.?

Yes, it is possible to capture 'Enquiry Source' as well as a comment field 'Enquiry Source Comment'. For more detailed marketing questions (e.g. ELC days attending), you can create and link to Activities Your Synergetic Consultant will advise you on what can be captured in the form during their Consulting session.

Q6: How is the Form Builder linked to Activities?

You can create values in luActivity with FormBuilderFlag to allow it to appear in the Form Builder.  When building the form, there is a specific control type to link the form elements to activities.

Q7: Would other details like IWI be the same as Medical with Activities?

Currently, it is only possible to map to fields within the OnlineImportStudents and OnlineImportContacts tables within the database. Outside of this field list, we then check if it is possible to use an activity. These allow a checkbox entry with optional comment box.

Q8: Can we alter the Application fee depending on who it is for? Eg. half price for staff?

We can only attach one enrolment fee to a particular Form, so you’ll have to create a different Form if you had different fees depending on who they are. If there are different amounts, you’ll want to keep those URLs that are non-standards and not put them on the Application Portal and only give them out in the appropriate situations.

Q9: Regarding Payment, can you set it so that people like an old scholar or staff member do not have to pay the application fee?

It is possible to enable Pay Now or Pay Later and adjust the note that appears next to this. Otherwise you can have a different enrolment Form without Payment attached as per Q8

Q10: Can a pricing structure be implemented for multiple Applications? Eg. no Application fee after the first 2 applicants?

Not using the forms as they currently are.  This could be done by publishing an alternative form with no fees attached as per Q8 and Q9 

Q11: What if we hit cancel when the create enrolment deposit window appears? We'd like to have the Payment go to the journey instead of the payee's drawer.

When transferring student Application to Future, you’ll get extra two screens to create the enrolment deposit.  If you click the Cancel button, the enrolment deposit and cash receipt will not get created.  It is best not to select the Cancel option however, if you do so accidently, then you will need to manually create the enrolment deposit. 

Q12: How do we advise the Accounts Department about payments made via Application Forms?

A batch, cash receipt and enrolment deposit are created automatically. If an enrolment deposit is created manually, you’ll normally need to notify your Account Receivable staff, so they can create a cash receipt for the enrolment deposit.

Q13: If there are multiple Applications, can parents pay just once? Does the system add each Application fee together and present the total at the end?

The Form Builder only allows one Fee per application.  If you want to handle batch payments, you could either have a different application per scenario or do it manually and not enforce payment with the application.  The latter is known as the “Pay Later” option, which is configured in Form Settings > Finance tab Alternatively, you can turn payments off entirely by turning on the “Allow offline payment” option.

Q14: When the deposit is coming through when you apply for position for multiple children, does the system tally up the total amount for all the applications?

There are two requirements for the Enrolment Deposit to even be visible when we’re defining these. We need to make sure that it is Student Based Deposit, not Family Based, and that it is linked to a valid G/L. What this means is that if you’re putting in multiple Applications, that each Application will have its own Enrolment Deposit that’s attached to the individual Applicant. Which of course mean if it’s a refundable fee, then it’s up to Account Receivable to reverse that. In the fee run, it will be marked as a Refundable Deposit, and will appear in during the fee run as a Refundable Deposit.

Q15: What payment gateway is being used?

We use the NAB Transact API that is fully integrated with Synergetic.

Q16: Is NAB available in New Zealand?

No, NAB transact is not available in New Zealand.

Q17: Can Current Parents put in an application from the Parent Portal?

No. The Application Portal is a separate product from Synergetic, and application forms are published in a separate section of the web server, totally separate from Synweb and the Community Portal.  This is partially for security reasons and mainly because most new applications are submitted by parents who are not Current Parents. Therefore, the requirement is for all parents who wish to submit an online application to create a separate login for the Online Application Portal.

If you do not wish for parent’s to have to create a login for submitting an application, you can publish a link to the published application form on your website and parents can fill the form and submit it in this way.  The downside with this is that parents will not be able to save their applications to continue filling it out at another time, nor will they be able to pre-fill details or see which applications they have submitted.

Q18: What if they already have portal logon and enrolling a sibling? Do they get a new ID per child?

After an online application is imported into Synergetic, the student needs to be transferred to Future Student.  As part of this process, Synergetic will highlight if “possible name matches” are found. In this case, the Registrar (or person transferring the student), will need to determine if the student is an existing community member.  If they identify the student as an existing Community Member, they can select the existing Community Member and click the “Use this Person” button to use the existing student’s details.  In this case, the student will not get a new ID.  If they click the “Create New Person” button, then the student will get a new ID.  The same scenario will apply for every parent (i.e. contact and spouse) transferred into Synergetic when the application is imported.

Q19: Legally we need both parents to sign the form, how does this work with online Application Forms? How does it create the Debtor?

The Online Application Form Builder does not have capability for signing online so we recommend that signing forms take place post-application. The Application Form is intended to be an expression of interest.  The forms which are required to be signed can be attached to the offer letter, when it is sent out.  Similarly, the Debtor agreement will also need to be signed when the offer is accepted.  Debtor creation is done separately as part of the billing process that happens at the beginning of the year.

Q20: What if the family is already in the database but they have submitted different details (Eg. address has changed)?

If the details are already in the database, you can select that person. However, any details (such as names, address etc.) that have changed, will need to be updated manually. 

Q21: What if they have moved since the id was created?

Address changes will need to be updated manually as in Q20.

Q22: Can current families access this Form through the parent portal to enrol a sibling?

No, see Q18 above.

Q23: We require both parents’ signatures or court orders at Application.

These can be attached to the application as uploaded documents.  For signatures, a link can be created from where parents can download a pdf which they need to sign, scan and attach (upload) to the application.  These documents will be transferred into the student’s DocMan area.

Q24: Can the upload docs be made mandatory for parents to upload?

No, document uploads cannot be made mandatory at this stage. You can use the words "MANDATORY" to indicate that it is compulsory.  Other fields in the form can be made mandatory. The mandatory field will have an asterisk next to them, and in order to achieve them, under Properties tab on the right side of the screen, there’s a Is Required checkbox. You can also make fields Enabled and Visible as well.

Q25: What type of validation is there to prevent poorly formatted/wrong spelling addresses to end up on mailing labels?

Different fields have different validations that can be enforced in the Properties Tab. For addresses, Synergetic fully integrates with a third party called QAS (Quick Address Validation System) that can be used with online applications for validating addresses as parent enter the address.  QAS is provided as a subscription at an additional cost and can work on the desktop version of Synergetic as well as any of Synergetic’s web interfaces eg Synweb and Community Portal. 

Q26: Can you build letter templates into the system to use if you have to chase pending applications?

Online Form Builder does not have this capability.

Q27: Can you use the Online Forms to create a Form that does not relate to Applications? (eg. bus Form for parents to complete?)

See here for common form types and use cases:  Custom forms can be built but cannot currently be published within the Community Portal or SynWeb and cannot be linked to existing ID’s.

Q28: Can you add your own javascript into the Form?

It is possible to modify CSS and inject basic HTML to the page using luBranding, however we haven't tried custom Javascript.


Q29: What if we are using RAT?

You will need to move to QAS. The difference is that if you use QAS, the address is being validated at the time the applicant is entering the Address on the form. If you’re using RAT instead, you’ll need to do that address validation step as you’re transferring the student to Future in the windows version of Synergetic.

Q30: Are you looking to have it compatible to RAT in future?

No. We’ve made the decision to move to QAS. But to switch from RAT to QAS, involves just a few steps.  Contact your school’s Account Manager to organise it.

Q31: Can I have pagination for this Form instead of having all the fields on a single page? Or do I need to create a new Form for it?

The Forms don't currently allow pagination.

Q32: Do the attached documents, school reports, birth certificate, immunisation status certificate, end up in Docman?

Yes, this happens when the application is imported into Synergetic. These documents will have the same Classification, Description and Source Code. The only thing that varies is the Source Path. You have the option of Updating these documents by clicking on Update… and give it a proper Description. If the attaching is happening after they have submitted the Application, but before you transfer to Future, you’ll get a separate message under Application informing you “Online application has received new document”.

Q33: Does the Application Form they complete automatically go into DOCMAN also?

No, the application is not stored in DocMan, but it will be stored in a separate table in the database.

Q34: In Form Builder, can we add tick boxes that are mandatory for things like read conditions of entry?

You can have the submit button disabled by default and have an Event linked to a checkbox. For example, in your Form, in Terms & Conditions you can have the Submit button disabled and have a checkbox for agreeing to the T&C. If you click on the Controls tab, as well as disabling the button in the Event Manager, you can enable the Checkbox. And once you’ve made the field mandatory, they won’t be able to proceed unless they provide the value.

Q35: Does your BI solution cover life cycle of your enrolment process for analysis?

On the Future Student Dashboard, there’s Applications by Status, so you can see the numbers. But things like conversion rates from an Enquiry to Application will need customisation.

Q36: Is there an option to download the Form as a pdf, once filled in?

This form is not designed to be a printed document, but if you try to print it, you can choose the option of Save as PDF. Parents can access it afterwards online through the Application portal and the registrar or staff can access it in two ways:

  1. By going to Process Online Applications/Enquiries Import and clear the Status which says ‘Pending” and then click on View in browser
  2. Launch Future Student Maintenance, and for particular student, click on Applications tab. The blue record means it’s linked to the application. Click on the view button on the right side of the screen to view it.

Q37: I believe the roadmap includes some changes to allow a comparison between an existing record and that imported and merge it if they belong to the same person.

Yes, the roadmap address the linking and merging to existing ID’s capability.

Q38: If an enquiry form is completed, can the system send out a Prospectus via email automatically?

Not out of the box. You can set up and email, but not an automatic email of the Prospectus.  In your Application, you can choose the Email tab on the Form Settings page and put the link for Prospectus in the Email Template. It’s HTML formatted email and there’s no option to add attachments.


Q39: Just wondering whether the Form Builder forms are mobile responsive?

Yes. Published Forms are mobile responsive.

Q40: What is the cost of the Online Form Module?

Onboarding online forms incurs license and Professional Services costs.  For a quote, please contact your school’s Account Manager.