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Linking Payroll to Debtors


 One of the biggest advantages of using Synergetic Payroll is its ability to integrate with the Debtors module. This enables automating salary sacrificing a portion of staff members pay (pre or post tax) to credit their (or their spouses) Debtor account. This guide outlines the process of setting it up. 

Set up Debtor Fee Codes

Under Debtors, Fee Maintenance, create a new Debtor Fee Code


 Select the New button


Ensure the Fee code has a GL code defined against it, this account will have a journal created against it as well as the debtors control account when the Pays are updated.


 If you are using Debtor Sub Ledgers, a Fee category must be defined and be pointing to the sub ledger accounts that you want to credit from Payroll.


Set up Payroll Pay code

Under Payroll, Pay Code Maintenance, create a new Payroll Pay Code


 Select the New button


 Pay Code Type will be depending on if it is a pre or post tax code, if needing both types you will set up two Pay Codes one as Other Deduction and the other as a Salary Sacrifice.


 From the Debtor Fee Code selection find the Fee Code created in the last step.

Set the regular defaults for the fee code if applicable.

Add to Employees Standard Pay

In Payroll, Payroll Employee Maintenance


 Search for the staff member's record who is making debtor account contributions


 On their Pay Details tab add the debtors linked Pay code, deductions and salary sacrifices are entered in with negative values.

Make any appropriate overrides necessary.

Process Pays

Create a new pay as normal

 Process EFT & Payslips as normal


 Finally update payroll


 Payroll Close off report


 As well as the normal payroll close off report, Synergetic will also produce a Debtor Charges Entry Close off report


Confirming the Credit to Debtor Accounts

You can then check the debtor account in Debtor, Debtor Maintenance
Search for the debtor account record (the staff member or their spouse.
Then on the history tab, you should be able to locate the credit charges.

The closed off posting can be located in Debtors, Debtor Charges Entry.