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If You have issued a credit note and you are not expecting to use the creditor again or you want to specifically clear the invoices from Payment Selection... use the following steps:

If the Payment Method for the invoices is not Cheque either through:

  1. Creditors> Payment Selections> Manual Invoices Tab> Edit Button or in Creditor Maintenance> Outstanding Tab> highlight the invoice> Edit Button  or
  2. The change the Pay Method to Cheque

3. Select the original invoice with positive amount and the negative one for payment using Creditors> Payment Selections...

4. Run Creditors > Print Creditor Cheques

5. Click OK, No cheque number will be used but the two invoices will be moved from Outstanding Tab to Paid Invoices and they will be removed from Payment Selections... list.

Nothing Should be processed to the bank reconciliation.

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