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The following article has been transferred to


v67.22 and above

This bug will only affect the following screens: 

  • Select Creditor Invoice to Process
  • Select Cash Receipts to Process
  • Select Debtor Charges to Process
  • Select General Ledger Journals to Process


The Amount field in finance selection screens will include all lines within a posting as positive amounts regardless of whether they are or not.

The logic behind the Amount column will incorrectly add all negative lines instead of subtract them from the total. This means that the Amount column can display a larger figure than the Ctrl Amount, something that should not be allowed. 


This is a calculation issue that does not affect the value of a line item / transaction / total posting amount. As a result of this, impact is minimal.


There is currently no resolution for this issue, but it is logged as a bug under DSY-4013 

DSY-4013 - Getting issue details... STATUS


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