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Performing this will move Future Students who are determined to be 'Future Students Not Coming' into the Future Students archive. 

End Result

Students will no longer appear in Future Students Maintenance and will only be accessible in the Future Students Archive 


These records will automatically Archive if setup to do so. You will need to do some tweaking to have these records archive the next time students are Bulk Transferred from Future to Current. Firstly in the lookup table luFutureStatus any status that you would like archived needs to have a SynergyMeaning of Cancelled

You will also need to ensure that the following two configuration  keys are set to true. You can access these in in System > Configuration Maintenance

FutureStudents|Status|Applications|IsMaster  - This configuration key tells the system that the default application (shown in bold in Future Students > Applications Tab) is what the system needs to look at. 

FutureStudents|Status|Applications|Rollup - This configuration key when set to True tells the system that if the current default application is no longer relevant to make the next application record to the default application.


The Transfer program has a few underlying rules and behaviours that need to be understood in order to successfully complete the transfer. This process only looks at the current default application.

  1. The Year/Term values tell the system where in Current Students this student/group of students is transferred to - it also is used as part of the check to determine whether the Future Student already existing in Students (looking at the Student Years records).

  2. The Date helps to determine which Future Students will be included in the check - if their Enrolment Date is on or before this value, they will be possible inclusions (subject to other criteria on screen).

  3. The Status is used to determine which Future Students will be transferred to Current Students - therefore anyone who is not transferred to current students are treated as 'Future Students Not Coming'.  This is very important to keep in mind as it is a key element in how the transfer/roll up operates.

  4. For a Future Student who is part of the group determined by the logic as valid to transfer, this option indicates whether their Future Student record is deleted (moved to archive).
    1. The third option 'if this or prior run' works by looking at IDs that have been tagged in the background as having successfully been transferred by this process.  Any records who fit this check will then have their Future Student record archived.

  5. For Future Students that are determined as 'Future Students Not Coming'  who were not part of the selected group based on the criteria, this option decides what to do with their record.  
    1. First option does nothing (they stay as is in Future Students)
    2. Second option will look at their Application records 
      1. if they have a future dated application that is not cancelled and is deemed valid, the future student will have this next application set as their default (roll up)
      2. if they do not have a valid future dated application, they will be deleted to the archive
    3. Third option acts the same as the roll up part of option 2, but will not apply any deletes to Future Students with no valid future application.
    4. If selected the 'Also Delete Enquiries' option will clear any records from the Enquiries Maintenance area of Synergetic with an Enquiry Status of Closed.  

Please note this process does not delete the records completely from Synergetic, it Archives them. If these records need to be accessed at a later date they can be found using the archive search in Future Students Maintenance

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