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When dealing with BPAY numbers and Debtor Sub Ledgers, you will find that the BPAY numbers will include the number of the sub ledger with leading zeros equalling the amount defined in the BPAY Minimum Length of ID field within Finance Configuration Maintenance (System > Finance Configuration Maintenance > Debtors > Page 1 > BPAY Minimum Length of ID), which will almost double the length of the BPAY number in some cases invalidating them when attempting to load them into the bank.

To consider: If you created a sub ledger account for your debtor, please ask yourself if you intend to receive payments via BPAY. If the account doesn't require BPAY you do not need a BPAY reference associated to the subledger account. 

Note(example below refers to student billing which is not recommended. i.e leave student id length to 1, not 5.)


With the following settings:

You can expect the following results to be generated:

Normal Debtor Record:

  • Debtor ID: 12345
  • Debtor BPAY Reference: 123457
Debtor ID12345
Check Digit7

Debtor Sub Ledger Record:

  • Debtor Sub Ledger: 12345/6
  • Debtor Sub Ledger BPAY Reference: 12345000067
Debtor ID12345
Sub Ledger00006
Check Digit7

You may find that the elongated sub ledger BPAY numbers do not work with your banking product causing errors upon attempting an upload. The generation of these elongated BPAY numbers is intended functionality in the system.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes to the BPAY generation rules would prompt you if you want to update all debtor's BPay references to match the new rules. Make sure you are absolutely certain before selecting Yes as this is irreversible. Selecting No means existing debtor BPay references are kept the same and any newly created debtors will follow the new settings.


To rectify the issue of BPAY files not uploading into the bank from a Debtor Sub Ledger, you will need to speak with your bank to approve variable length or a length range for BPAY numbers in order to use the sub ledger for BPAY payments. 

Synergetic support will not be able to assist with this initially, if the problem persists after to speaking with your bank, then please get in touch and we will investigate further. 

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