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Setting up Debtor Split Payments


 Each student requires a single debtor account to be set against them for charges to be applied. In order to have multiple debtor's taking responsibility for all or a portion of charges the Split Payments tab is used in Debtor Maintenance.
This guide outlines the process of setting up categories to handle complex splitting scenarios and setting up straight forward splits (all charges 50% split). 

Configure Lookup Table luDebtorFeeCategory

Under System, Lookup Table Maintenance – Finance there is a table called luDebtorFeeCategory these are used to group Debtor Fee codes to be used for Debtor Split Payments and to link fee codes to a sub-ledger (only if you are using debtor sub ledgers).

If a debtor has elected to accept responsibility for all or a portion (value or percentage amount) of fees related to music tuition then you will need to set up a debtor fee category related to Music in luDebtorFeeCategory.

Link Debtor Fee Codes to the Category

Then for each charge related to Music, you will need to assign the fee codes to the new Fee Category.

This is done in Debtor Fee Maintenance, on the selected fee code, on the General tab, select the Category drop down and locate Music.

Set up Splits

Once all appropriate fee codes have been assigned the correct categories, the next step is to set up the split payments.

Go to Debtor Maintenance, locate the Debtor who has the student assigned too them, go to that debtor's Split Payments tab.

Select the Add button, select Find if the other person is already a debtor or New Debtor if they need to be created first.
Then select the Fee Category the debtor is going to be responsible for. If a Debtor is splitting everything then the fee category can be left blank. In this case we are passing on 100% of Music related charges.

You can keep adding more splits if needed, so another contributor all perhaps the same split debtor is also going to pay $1000 worth of tuition charges.

Confirming the Split Payment Details

You can then check the contributor debtor account on their Split Payments tab, in the bottom
grid it will list all the splits they have been set up against.