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This article will show the process and changes required within Synergetic to either create a new default bank account or change bank accounts. Whether you are Changing banks or setting up a new account with the same bank, the same processes can be followed. 

End Result

Make Synergetic use a new account as the default 'Main' bank account.


  1. Create a GL Code for your new bank account (GL > General Ledger Maintenance > New). Be sure to name it appropriately (eg: NAB General Account, Westpac Account, etc).

  2. With your new GL Code created, go to System > Banking Configuration Maintenance and add a new Bank Code. Fill in the appropriate details on both tabs (General and Bank Files) using the previously created GL Code in the field 'Bank G/L Code'.

  3. Once your new Bank Code is set up, go to System > Finance Configuration Maintenance > General tab, select this bank code as your default by selecting the newly created Bank Code in the 'Default Bank Account' field.

    Only complete this step if this is your new default bank account. 


If the old bank accounts are no longer active or will not be used again, be sure to close them off and mark them as inactive so that users can no longer post to these accounts in the future. Before marking them as inactive, ensure that all bank reconciliations and transactions have been completed.


When closing a GL Code (marking it inactive) you will need to complete all remaining reconciliations and close off all remaining postings for that account to make sure that the cutover to the new GL Code goes smoothly.