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How to archive inactive Debtor Records. 

End Result

Debtors who are no longer active will be archived and no longer appear in Debtor Maintenance 


You can Bulk Archive debtors whose children have left the school or who are no longer active. 

Debtors will only be archived if they have:

  • a total balance of zero
  • no instalment payments outstanding
  • no students currently at the school
  • no future students associated with them

You would normally archive debtors on a yearly basis to clean up your records. To open the Debtor Bulk Archive go to Debtors > Debtor Bulk Archive

This can be done one statement group at a time or the whole debtor module at once. If you wish to do the whole module at once a tick needs be placed in the 'Process All Statement Groups' tick box as in the above screen capture.

You also need to choose a date where no transactions have been processed after this date. There is no recommended time frame for this rather a choice for your school to make. For example, if you want to archive debtors that have been inactive for at least two years, set No Transactions Dated After to two years ago.

*Please Note:

  • Debtors are NOT deleted at this time, the record is moved to the Debtor archive and can be retrieved if required. This is Done by searching Inactive Debtors in Debtor Maintenance.
  • Debtors who have Split payment arrangements can not be archived. The split arrangements need to be removed before the debtor record can be archived. 


You should consider if a Debtor has a Future Student attached to them and may become active again in the near future. 

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